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Student Development

Organization Chart

Head of Department/Student Development
Mrs Jacqueline Anthony   
Subject Head/Pastoral Care & Student Leadership
   Miss Su Yen Leng
Subject Head/Discipline
Mr Rajinikanth Naidu
Subject Head/Character Education, Social Studies & Art
Mrs Catherine Koh
Student Development Team
Year Head/Lower Primary (P3)
Mdm Lily Suriani Tan
Year Head/Upper Primary (P6)
Miss Priscilla Kek
Assistant Year Head/P1
Mrs Sharon Wong
Assistant Year Head/P2
Miss Dixie Tan
Assistant Year Head/P4
Mdm Shree Arita Kumar
Assistant Year Head/P5
Mrs Caryn Ong
Operations Manager (Discipline)
Mr Karuppiah Ravi

Senior School Counsellor
Mr Trevor G Bamanshaw
Assistant Discipline Mistress
Mdm Brenda Peh

ECG Coordinator
Miss Sherlyn Koh

Sexuality Education Coordinator/RMU Coordinator
Mr Roman Anthony

VIP Coordinator
Mdm Siti Amirah Bte Othman
 Senior AED/LBS
Mdm Pirrita

Mdm Chang Siew Chian
Miss Tan Swee Nai
Miss Leong Tim Tim
Mrs Doreen Lim
Mrs Margaret Ng
Mdm Mandy Chia
Miss Goh Sock Lai
Mdm Joyce Chan
Miss Lam Ker Sim
Mdm Jane Seah
Mdm Koo Fong Kiew
Mr Lee Yiang Chay

Approach/ Framework/ Philosophy

“Education has had two great goals: to help young people become smart and to help them become good.” ~ Thomas Lickona.

SD Framework.png

Kheng Cheng School uses a whole school approach in the teaching of Character and Citizenship Education. It aims to develop the mind (Head – Competencies teaching), the heart ( Heart – Guiding values) and the hands (Hands – Practice) of our students.

SD Approach.png
The goal of CCE is to inculcate values and build competencies in our students to develop them to be exemplary individuals and useful citizens.

Key principles for teaching and learning of CCE in KCS:
- Every teacher a CCE teacher.
- Values are both taught and caught.
- Engaging students through varied modes of delivery.
- Parents as key partners.