Learning for Life Programme

Student Voice & Advocacy (SVA) @ KCS

The distinctive programme in Kheng Cheng School is its Learning for Life Programme; Student Voice and Advocacy @ KCS. In SVA@ KCS, students act as advocates and agents of change. They design and implement community service activities to give back to the community (school, external agencies) as they think beyond themselves. Some of the key features of SVA@KCS include:

1) Progressive student outcomes.

The school identifies the stages of the student voice continuum to be taught in various levels (lower, middle and upper primary) in a cumulative approach, beginning from ‘decoration’ stage at Primary 1, to a completely student led stage at Primary 6 where they are expected to plan, negotiate and implement a VIA class activity for the community together.



2) Learning experiences are differentiated across the levels.

SVA Themes are aligned to the MOE CCE syllabus and students work on projects they want to do.

3) Student Voice is valued & issues pertaining active citizenry are explored.

Teachers use Student Voice to imbue in the students their larger social role as advocates and agents of change, in the design and implementation of a grounds up community service project in VIA, so as to strengthen the Singapore spirit of an active citizen in them.

4) Teachers act as facilitators in SVA.

As facilitators, teachers ensure the students are aware of the goals of SVA@KCS. We consciously involve students in adapting goals and we try to link the content to the world beyond their classroom.

There are two aspects of SVA@KCS – school improvement and community service.

SVA@KCS – School Improvement consists of

School wide programmes put in place through the year:

  • to empower students with a voice to step forward to become active agents of change; and
  • to practise advocacy and active citizenry in their immediate community.

The infusion of student voice into school activities allow for cross fertilisation of ideas beyond the class and age groups thus enriching the learning experiences of all.

SVA@KCS – Community Service

It is essentially a tiered programme offered to all students from Primary 1 to Primary 6. Students are purposefully guided in using Visible Thinking routines [from the Harvard Ground Zero Project,] to plan a social service project targeted at the serving the community. Students learn to make thoughtful decisions and exercise reasoned judgement as the Visible Thinking routines provide the cognitive task support and scaffold needed. A grounds-up approach, all Kheng Cheng School’s students would have done their part to strengthen the Singapore Spirit to support a recipient of their choice as part of service to their community by year end. Because we allow the students to have to say, each class would be doing something unique and close to their hearts.

The impact of SVA@KCS can be seen in the manner in which the LLP was carried out in the different classes

Sva Kcs

Joy of Learning

Students are motivated intrinsically to develop their passions and strengths as they explore the landscape around them and work on a project to serve the community.

Develop the Entrepreneurial Dare

Students apply skills learnt in class to the real world as they delve in their passions to serve the community based on an issue close to their hearts. Students realise that not all projects might be a resounding success but they have in them the resilience to try and learn from failure as they do it another time.

Strengthen the Singapore Spirit 

Active citizenry is well and alive in SVA@KCS. Students are committed to action in building and deepening the Singapore spirit as they serve the community beyond what they do in the classroom.



“With the multiple pathways available today, remember, live your own life.” This was the encouragement Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Parliamentary Secretary, MOE & MSF gave in his interaction session with our students. Dr Faishal was in Kheng Cheng School for a visit on 5 Apr 2017 with Mrs Low, Superintendent S3. He was impressed by our students’ confidence in their presentations on the Student Voice Values in Action Projects and Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition Projects. He also spoke with a group of teachers and thanked all for their heartwork and hardwork in educating our next generation. We certainly benefited from his insightful perspectives and sincere responses! Thanks Sir!

Parliamentary Secretary Visit 2017

Our Learning for Life Programme – Student Voice & Advocacy (SVA) was well-received by the audience at the Conference.

Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2017