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Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition

Amazing Flying Machine Competition! A competition all about one of the most amazing inventions ever, planes! It was Kheng Cheng School’s first time participating in it and twelve students were selected from Primary 5.5 and 5.6 to represent the school on 7 and 14 March 2016.  They formed four teams: The Zooming Atoms, The Ace Pilots, Star Falcons and The Accelerators and so began their exciting journey, soaring high in the skies and overcoming the turbulence faced along the way as a team.

SAFMC 1.jpg
Rui Zhe, Kai Hang, Jovi, Gabriel, Yi En, Ike, Vivian, Valerie, Yanqi, Zi Han, Alden, Zhuli

SAFMC 2.jpgThe primary school category was about folding paper planes. The aim was to fold a paper plane that could fly the farthest, with the most precision and could stay aloft the longest. Sounds easy? That was what the participants thought too. They soon realised that every little alteration to the design affected the flight of their planes dramatically. They hit the books and searched the internet, learning about the forces that made flight possible. And soon, they were speaking the same language as a pilot and an aeronautical engineer. They worked hard on their presentations, and even harder on their plane designs. Paper planes whizzing by became a common sight in the classrooms of P5.5 and P5.6.

One of the participants, Alden Chew from 5.5, described the whole experience as educational with a bucketful of fun. Vivian from 5.6 said that she is now inspired to be a pilot.

SAFMC 3.jpgThe four teams emerged from the competition more confident and more knowledgeable. One of the teams, The Zooming Atoms, went all the way to the finals and clinched first prize for the Presentation Award! Congratulations, Zooming Atoms!

Kheng Cheng School is immensely proud of all the four teams that participated. In our eyes, you are all winners. Continue to always dare to dream, dare to fly, dare to be the chosen one to touch the sky!

SAFMC 4.jpg
First Prize Winners for Presentation Award Kai Hang, Jovi & Rui Zhe