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Character Education

Character & Citizenship Education 
The goal of CCE is to inculcate values and build competencies in our students to develop them to be exemplary individuals and useful citizens. 

CCE lessons in KCS are aligned to the components of MOE:

CCE Lessons 
CCE lessons in KCS are taught in Mother Tongue Languages. Lessons include the teaching of values, knowledge and skills for CCE.

School-based CCE  
This is done through explicit teaching of the KCS core values of Kindness in Heart, Courage to Stand, Sincerity of Might and Diligence of Hand . Student Voice and advocacy of Project Work (VIA) are also embedded in the School-based CCE curriculum.

Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)  
FTGP provides time within the curriculum for form teachers to engage in quality interactions with their students and for them to strengthen their social and emotional competencies. Skills learnt during FTGP lessons include recognising and managing emotions, developing care and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions, and handling challenging situations constructively and ethically.

Form Teacher Interaction (FTI) 
FTI provides support for improving the quality of teacher-student interactions and, ultimately, student learning. Teachers help students develop warm, supportive relationships, foster the joy of learning, feel comfortable in class, and experience appropriate levels of autonomy or independence.

The Growing Years (GY) Programme 
Framework for Sexuality Education
Framework for Sexuality Education.png

The upper primary years mark the onset of puberty. Students at this age grapple with physical, emotional, and psychological changes in themselves. The Primary 5 & 6 Growing Years package, ‘Curious Minds’, aims to meet students’ developmental needs,  emphasise the teaching of skills and values, and focus on helping students navigate changes, build healthy relationships, especially online relationships and cyber wellness.

ECG Programme
At KCS, the Educate. Cultivate. Guide (ECG) programme focuses on developing and grooming our students to succeed in the 21st century. ECG@KCS is a school-wide programme. All KCS students will complete an ECG module each semester during  school-based CCE lessons. This is to prepare our students for a future of uncertainty. The lessons bring about awareness of new and emerging occupations and the skills and dispositions they need to be equipped with.  
The key components for our approach are:
Educate – Learn about the wide array of occupations in Singapore,
Cultivate – Identify and cultivate personal characteristics such as interests, skills/ aptitudes and values, and 
Guide – Be guided in understanding the different skills set required in the field of work.

“Raise Me Up” (RMU) and “Very Inspiring Pupils” (VIP) is a school-wide character development programme. Both RMU and VIP are channels for students (RMU) and teachers (VIP) to nominate students who exemplify good values each term. RMU and VIP provide students with the understanding to do the right thing (Head), work on building the will to want to act right (Heart) and cultivate the habit to do so (Hands). It fosters an environment that promotes active involvement by all students to be well behaved.

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