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Principal's Foreword

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.
Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”
Martin Luther King, Jr

2016 spoke of new frontiers in our learning and growing. We are proud of how each Kheng Cheng student had put their best foot forward in the learning experiences and the sharing of it. Their achievements in both academic (SAMC, PSLE) and co-curriculum fields (SYF, VIA) are a testament to their ‘Diligence of Might’. It was also the first time our partners, staff and students came together for a successful run of the Arts Festival, ‘Viva La Musica’. What a celebratory evening of talents and commitment from all!

What then of 2017?

This year will mark yet another milestone - 90 years of school history and heritage. We look forward to a year of festivities with our SMC, alumni and parents as we continue the fundraising efforts for the school upgrading project. In addition, we continue our efforts to develop the critical thinker and the entrepreneurial dare as a compassionate leader, through thinking routines and the Learning for Life Programme (VIA). We look ahead towards our plans to enrich the joy of learning of self, skills and community, so our students with be well-armed for the challenges yet unseen.

The school would never have started if it remained the dream and effort of one. It is the collective commitment and tenacity of the whole community that fuels all of us to go the extra mile and realise the dream of ‘uplifting the youth’. 90 are we this year, rich in years but also our youth and energy. Let’s continue to build!

Mdm Sarah Leong 

Mdm Sarah Leong has been Principal of Kheng Cheng School since 15 Dec 2014. She began her teaching career in 2000 and was the Head of Department (Discipline) and Vice-Principal of South View Primary School. She later went on to assist in the start of Westwood Primary (2012-2014) before she was posted to Kheng Cheng School in Sep 2014.