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Guests from Afar


On 18th July 2016, Kheng Cheng School hosted her guests, comprising 28 students and 3 staff from Chaoyang Primary School, Beijing. It was their inaugural visit to KCS for an exchange.

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Our Kheng Cheng Lion Dance troupe presented a traditional lion dance performance to warmly welcome our guests. Under the guidance of our teachers, the Primary 4 student leaders buddied the students from Chaoyang Primary school. The visitors were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant classroom culture in Kheng Cheng School. Our teachers also shared with them our school’s history and the Singapore’s educational landscape.

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It was a truly immersive experience for the students from Chaoyang Primary school. They actively participated in the various classroom activities. The staff was also able to observe the teaching and learning carried out by our Senior Teachers that took place in our classrooms. Despite the short three-day visit, the friendships built were precious and strong.

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We finally had to bid farewell to our friends from Beijing on the third day. Our Chinese Orchestra and the Choir teams lightened the atmosphere even more with the melodious music and moving voices. We expressed our hopes for an everlasting friendship with Chaoyang Primary School, Beijing, through the popular Singaporean melody, 细水长流 (xì shuǐ cháng líu).

The students from Chaoyang Primary School also showed their appreciation with their beautiful voices that left a sweet impression in the hearts of our audience.

Thank you to the students and staff from Chaoyang Primary School for the enriching experience!

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