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Principal's Message to KCS Basketball Teams 2016

Dear Basketball teams of 2016, 

A job well done boys and girls! You have done our school proud in this year’s South Zone Basketball Championships. Each batch is unique and fondly remembered. Your batch is special because it has been the first time in the last 5 years or more, where all 4 of our teams qualified for the zonal finals. What an achievement indeed!

I am tremendously proud of all our Junior and Senior girls. They were the Joan of Arc and Mulan of KCS! They girls fought for every ball, and took turns to compete and play their best. Our Junior boys kept their fighting spirit all throughout the game. They did not give up and fought to the very last second. That is an excellent lesson on how they took courage to stand, up to the very end. 

Team 2016 will be especially significant to me as your Principal because the Senior Boys taught me a life lesson. I call it, ‘Facing the Giants’. Our boys took on opponents twice their height and build. I was intimidated just looking at them. Our PSG were also worried how our boys would cope on court too. Yet, they showed us that it was possible, to face the giants and overcome. 

You might notice I boast not of the colour of your trophy and medal or the score. I boast of your courage and grit, of your diligence and the sincerity. You have shown us the way to live out the KCS values! 

There are and will be giants in our lives. Difficulties we find hard to overcome, people we struggle with and situations we did not ask for. Giants. How do we face our giants? How do we hang on? How do we get up and walk on in life, after a fall? Team 2016, remember this life lesson; it is possible to face the giants and overcome. 

We honour you today, as you move forward to the Nationals, and towards PSLE. Have the same grit and courage to hang in there and fight to the last second. Dig deep and find the courage to face the giants and overcome, because you have already done so for the school! 

Kindness of Heart, Courage to Stand, Diligence of Might, Sincerity of Hand. Three cheers for Kheng Cheng! 

Yours faithfully, 
Mdm Sarah Leong 

Senior Girls
Junior Girls
Senior Boys
Junior Bo