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KCS Alumni Talk Series

Alumni Talk Series by Dr Wilson Lim and Mr Lim Eng Lok

January Memo

Our children are the wonders in our life. In Kheng Cheng School, we believe that the world is bigger than the classroom. And while they are in it, we will make sure that they learn and grow; well and strong, in both mind and heart. In 2018, we will call on the village and especially your support and partnership to make their learning journey with us as enriching as possible. In the movie “Wonder”, Auggie, a young child with Treacher Collins Syndrome said, “We all need a standing ovation at least once in our life”. We will all endeavour to do that at our very own Arts Fest at the Singapore Conference Hall in Jun 2018.

P1 Parents' Engagement Session 2018

We invite all P1 (2018) parents to school for an engagement session on Tue, 2 Jan 2018 from 7.35am – 12.20pm. We strongly encourage you to attend this session to better support your child's learning and holistic development.

Please refer to the Orientation Booklet that you have received on 17 Nov for things to bring for the first few days of school.