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Learning for Life Programme

Student Voice & Advocacy (SVA) @ KCS

SVA@KCS involves all students in critical thinking and active discussions about community projects. It provides a channel for them to better demonstrate and strengthen the Singapore spirit through community service.  Students engage in critical thinking as they are purposefully guided in using Visible Thinking routines to plan the project work. Students learn to make thoughtful decisions and exercise reasoned judgement as the Visible Thinking routines provide the cognitive task support and scaffold needed. In SVA@ KCS, students act as advocates and agents of change. They design and implement community service activities to give back to the community (school, external agencies) as they think beyond themselves.


Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2017

Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2017.jpg

Our Learning for Life Programme - Student Voice & Advocacy was well-received by the audience at the Conference.