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Principal's Foreword

2017 was a momentous year indeed. We celebrated our 90th school anniversary together with a record turnout of almost 800 guests. Our stakeholders - School Management Committee, Alumni, parents and students put their hearts and hands to the plough through the year to raise funds for the PERI upgrading project, and we are grateful for the show of support in many heart-warming ways. Another icing on the cake for the year was the positive achievement of our students in the PSLE. Kudos to our students and all who have taught them since they entered school!

2018 ushers in a year for the Kheng Cheng community to focus on Strengthening the Core - for the students in the way they learn and care in and beyond the classroom, for the teachers in the way they will continue to hone their craft, for the community to continue to support the school in the transitional changes as we commence the PERI upgrading project. We have heard about the current educational initiatives of developing the Joy of Learning, Entrepreneurial Dare and the Singapore Spirit. Realising these initiatives through the thoughtful interactions in the school programmes and activities, is a daily opportunity that we would really have to seize as a learning community, so the aspirational directives can bear fruit. 

The nurture of the compassionate leader and critical thinker in every Kheng Cheng student is an expression of our belief that strong fundamentals of having a heart for the community, and an adaptable thinking disposition, would serve as a strong seedbed for them to continue to flourish and thrive as our next generation. The Learning for Life Programme (LLP) implemented through the Values-in-Action projects and the school-wide strategy of Thinking Routines would be our key levers in our endeavour to nurture the compassionate heart and develop the thinking mind. We cannot achieve this without community partnership, whose support is paramount so that as a whole village, we can together raise the child.

We step into our next season with anticipation. Besides the creative ways we will continue to explore learning and thinking, we will also sharpen our saw in our sports and performing arts as we prepare for the upcoming zonal competitions and the Singapore Youth Festival. Following the successful run of the 2016 Arts Festival ‘Viva La Musica’, we will stage our second Arts Festival in July this year, all in the hope of creating a memorable learning experience and the opportunity for our students to shine like the stars that they are!

Learning is lifelong and iterative. It is a journey that enriches us with knowledge and experience, steels us with a resilience, and warms us with the bonds of friendship along the way. Strengthening our core muscles in knowledge and in character is part of our belief in enabling our students to grow both strong roots of character and wings of thought to fly. How can one fly when one is rooted? I am sure you would agree that while seemingly contradictory, it is the roots that will give us the grit and the confidence, to fly strong and well. 

We look forward to a year of learning and the growing of our roots and wings. Join us in the journey!

Sarah Leong

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Article on Mdm Sarah Leong, published on Principia, an Academy of Principals publication in 2015