Principal’s Foreword

We celebrate the year of 2018 with our students’ achievements in their CCA, and in their PSLE. Our Kheng Cheng students continue to push the envelope of success on both fronts, in the core subjects and in their interests beyond the classroom. Proud are we of every one of their efforts, for it is evidence of how they live out the school values of the Courage to Stand; to finish the race strong, and well.

2018 was also a special year for the staff! We had different teams of staff reaching out to share with and learn from the fraternity. Accolades for our staff (National Caring Teacher Award, Lead Foundation Teacher Award, National Day Commendation Medal, LEAP award) have affirmed the competence and care of our teachers and administrative staff, for who and what they believe in.

We look forward to 2019 with renewed hope and vigour, encouraged by how the students and staff have grown and flourished. The rallying call to develop the ‘Learn for Life’ outlook and perspective permeates the total environment of the child; from the classrooms to programme proposals and our mindsets as teachers and parents. Opportunities to do so abound, as we review the learning of curricula and sports together as a community.

The team in Kheng Cheng will have to challenge ourselves to relook and reframe our perspectives in the way we teach and in the way the students learn, amidst varying expectations of what constitutes a successful Kheng Cheng graduate, 6 years on. We wish for all to grow both strong roots, and wings to fly! These conversations are not always easy, nor unanimous in voice, but painstakingly needed and paramount. We are deeply grateful for the unstinting support and encouragement from the parents in all our school endeavours.

What remains enduring, is the aspiration for Kheng Cheng School to continue to ‘uplift the youth’, as she has been named to do, 92 years ago. We will continue to hone our craft in raising Critical Thinkers and Compassionate Leaders. We will try our best to keep one eye on the children and other, on the pulse of their reality ahead. We ask for our parents and students to go on this adventure with us together, as we seek out new frontiers and mindsets.

Roma uno die non est condita. We will get there!


In partnership with you,

Mdm Sarah Leong

Mdm Sarah Leong


Carpe Diem! Seize The Day

Article on Mdm Sarah Leong, published on Principia, an Academy of Principals publication in 2015