Principal’s Foreword

The change in PSLE scoring in 2021, and the modes of assessment in the other levels signal a deep change in how we view what elementary schooling is like. There will be more room for students to delve into the programmes and activities that would help us to learn for life; skills and dispositions that would enable our students to interact with others, advocate and lead, support and follow, resolve conflicts and problem solve situational challenges. Our Learn for Life Programme (LLP); student voice and advocacy in community service, provides a distinctive and relevant environment for students to acquire the 21st century competencies. Thinking Routines – a pedagogical strategy that the teachers adopt in their daily lessons, have also become a common language for all to engage in critical thinking. These twin approaches continue to build the Compassionate Leader and Critical Thinker in every Kheng Cheng student.

Every academic year brings with it, opportunities to discover, learn and explore. 2020 is a significant year for all of us. The momentous effort to raise funds in the last few years for the PERI upgrading project, is finally brought to fruition this year. It is with bathed breath that we await the use of the facilities that the upgrading will avail to our students and teachers.

As a staff team, we would be looking to ‘renew our tools and our wings’. This tagline for 2020 is symbolic because of the plans we would formulate for the next lap of school development and the ongoing personal development of ourselves as teachers, and craftsmen of our work.

Technology is a permanent disruptor to the way to we teach, learn, and manage administrative processes, all at the same time. Some might be digital immigrants, but I am sure all of us will certainly ride this wave of change to lead, as we learn to harness the opportunities technology and its affordances can bring to learning, and school management processes.

Our students stand poise, ready for the annual sports championships and the biennial Singapore Youth Festival. The Red Cross, Scouts and Girls’ Brigade continue to grow from strength to strength. Our good PSLE results attest to the hard work of every teacher and student in juggling the multiple goals and objectives of schooling. We will do our best in every endeavour!

Here’s to 2020, Kheng Cheng School!

In partnership with you,

Mdm Sarah Leong

Mdm Leong

Carpe Diem! Seize The Day

Article on Mdm Sarah Leong, published on Principia, an Academy of Principals publication in 2015