Principal’s Message

With many years of rich history, it is an honour to be able to serve as a Principal in Kheng Cheng School. From the moment I stepped in to the school, warmth and care filled the air. As I got to know the students, staff, parents, SMC, alumni and other stakeholders better, it became clear that the reason for this feeling was a common belief we all share: Every child wants to learn and can learn when given the right environment.

It is our duty as educators to work alongside parents and other stakeholders to maximise the potential of every child and embrace the diversity that they bring to the classroom. Our goal is to create an inclusive learning environment where each child can bring forth the best versions of themselves daily.  

In recent years, change has become a constant. We have been adaptable and nimble in embracing the ever-changing landscape, both in education and globally. One thing that has remained over the years is our school’s vision – A Dynamic Community of Compassionate Leaders and Critical Thinkers. To prepare our students in KCS to be future-ready, we must imbue in our students timeless values that will carry them through uncertainties as they ride the waves of change. Together, we will inculcate kindness in heart, courage to stand, sincerity of might and diligence of hand.

As we build a community around each child, the staff at KCS strives to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment to ignite the joy of learning. Through a plethora of school-based activities to allow our students the time and space to explore their passion and interests, we hope to empower them with knowledge, skills and values to lead and impact the community, and be ready for the future.

Mdm Cheryl Tan