School Rules


School Uniform

  • Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  • White canvas shoes and white school socks that are clearly visible above the ankle are to be worn.
  • Fingernails must be short, clean and unpainted.
  • Name tags should be sewn onto uniforms as shown below.
  • Sports shoes cannot be worn during curriculum hours if the activity is conducted after school hours. 


Kheng Cheng School Uniform Rule


  • Hair must be neat and hair/fringe must not touch the eyebrows or the collar.
  • Girls with shoulder-length or long hair hanging below the blouse collar must be tied up.
    Long fringe must be clipped. Only white, blue or black hair accessories are allowed.
  • Boys must be neat in appearance, clean-shaven and no facial hair is allowed. Punk or outlandish hairstyle is not allowed.
  • Tinting and/or highlighting of hair is not allowed.


  • Only small ear studs are allowed for girls.
  • No ornaments or jewellery is allowed to be worn in school.
  • Mobile phones and electronic gadgets that can be used for communication and recording purposes are not allowed in school.
  • Playing/ Trading cards, toys and items that are considered dangerous or inappropriate in school are not allowed in school.


All students must:

  • attend school regularly and be punctual for all school.
  • submit a medical certificate and/or a letter from parents to the Form Teacher upon his/her return to school to explain absence.
  • not leave school without official permission during school.
  • seek permission from the Form/Subject Teacher to leave early in the event of illness or unexpected circumstances.

Singing of National Anthem & Recitation of National Pledge

All students:

  • who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge.
  • will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
  • must be punctual for the ceremony daily.
  • must stand at attention and face the flag when the National Anthem is being sung and the pledge recited.
  • must observe the ceremony with solemnity and respect.

General Behaviour

All students:

  • must uphold the good name of the school and exercise self-discipline both in and outside the school.
  • are not allowed to enter the staff room and special rooms unless accompanied by a teacher.
  • are to keep the school facilities clean and practise social responsibility.
  • must queue up to buy food and drinks and all food and beverages are to be consumed in the canteen.
  • should walk from point to point in an orderly manner.
  • are to practise good manners and be courteous to one and all.
  • should not stay in class during recess and lunch times unless accompanied by a teacher.
  • are to practise Netiquette and display appropriate online behaviour.
  • must be responsible for their personal possessions in school and are advised not to bring excessive cash or expensive branded items to school.
  • are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.


Offences Consequences
Tinted Hair / Long Hair / Inappropriate Hairstyle For non-compliance of school rule(s), one or more of the following actions will be taken. In-school counselling will be offered to errant student(s).


•      Home Involvement

•      Corrective Work Order

•      Detention

•      Contract of Good Behaviour

•      Verbal and Written Warning

•      Ineligibility for Awards

•      Entry into School Offences Module (SOM) Records

•      Restitution

•      Suspension

•      Corporal Punishment

•      Police Report

Skipping Lessons / Playing Truant/ Wilful Absenteeism
Use or Possession of Cigarettes / e-Cigarettes / Prohibited Tobacco Products
Theft in School / Shoplifting
Other Serious Offences:
Gambling / Vandalism / Substance Abuse/ Fighting / Bullying / Cheating during Tests or Exams / Forging or Doctoring Documents

/ Possession of Pornographic Materials / Possession of Weapons or Weapon-like items / Defiance/ Disrespectful towards School Staff / Vulgarism

/ Inappropriate Behaviour or Offensive Language Online / Others

Discipline is an educative process to guide students to develop self- management and good character. Disciplinary measures help students learn the consequences of their inappropriate actions and poor choices, and take responsibility not to repeat their mistakes.