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School Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

A Dynamic Community of Compassionate Leaders and Critical Thinkers

Our Mission

Empowering Every Child to Lead and Impact the Community, and be Ready for the Future

Core Values

kindness.jpg KINDNESS in HEART

  • We are gracious in our actions.
  • We show care and concern for others.
  • We love our community and environment.
  • courage.jpg COURAGE to STAND
  • We do the right thing .
  • We dare to try .
  • We finish the race strong .
  • sincerity.jpg SINCERITY of MIGHT
  • We speak the truth.
  • We show consideration to others.
  • We learn from our mistakes.
  • diligence.jpg DILIGENCE of HAND
  • We seek to learn.
  • We plan and act on what we set out to do.
  • We work hard and excel in what we do.