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SYF 2018 Arts Presentation

A big congratulations to our Performing Arts CCA groups for their great effort and even greater performances at this year's Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2018. Over 180 students represented Kheng Cheng School in four categories, including Chinese Orchestra (Certificate of Distinction), Choir (Certificate of Accomplishment), Angklung (Certificate of Accomplishment), International Dance (Certificate of Distinction). The students showed great resilience over the last few months and teachers and parents alike were impressed with the composure and confidence they displayed on stage. Well done, Kheng Cheng!

SYF 2016 Arts Presentation for Angklung

The Angklung ensemble has been moving from strength to strength. We have grown to a full ensemble which presently comprises 50 confident, passionate and committed members from Primary 3 to 6. The ensemble received a Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2016 since its humble inauguration in 2008.

 Quotes from students: 

“We will continue to practise hard together to be the best we can be…as always!” says Jerlyn Tan ( P3.3)

“We  put up quality performances, and we received a Distinction Award at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. “ says Zetty (P5.3)

“We were happy that we have delivered one great performance to the audience and hope to do this again and again and again!” says Izz Danish ( P6.3)

Angklung 1.jpg
Angklung 2.jpg

SYF 2016 Arts Presentation for Chinese Orchestra

It is heartening to see ten to fifteen students gathered early in the morning for some extra practice in the Music Room. The Chinese Orchestra members have put in great effort into bringing up their playing skills. We are happy to announce that they have achieved the Distinction Award at this year’s Singapore Youth Festival. Parents and the alumni have also given their invaluable time and support in preparation for the performance. We look forward to working towards greater heights, but for now, congratulations to all and a big thank you to those who made it happen!

SYF 2016 Arts Presentation for Choir

The Kheng Cheng School Choir has been awarded the Certificate of Accomplishment in the recent Singapore Youth Festival Presentations 2016. Through months of intense training, the choir members learnt the importance of teamwork and trust among one another.

Choir 1.jpgChoir 2.jpg

SYF 2016 Arts Presentation for Dance (International)

Kheng Cheng School Dance Ensemble has recently achieved the Distinction Award in the Singapore Youth Festival held on 19 April. The dance team comprises girls and boys from Primary 3 to 6, some in their first year as members. The dance "Creating a New Era", choreographed by Ms Tiffany, displayed an array of synchronised kinetic moves. The 43 dancers embarked on their journey back in Dec 2015 and they have certainly come a long way culminating in that five-minute exuberant and fantastic performance. The students expressed that they have learnt the values of teamwork, diligence and endurance through this memorable experience.

Dance 1.jpgDance 3.jpg

Dance 2.jpg