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Genius Hour

In conjunction with the Lifelong Learning Program, Genius Hour was implemented as a platform where our students are given the opportunity to air their views on areas in school that can be improved.  

The objectives of this activity are:
  • to empower student with voices
  • to allow students to come up with strategies on how to resolve the areas identified

60 Prefects and CCA leaders were involved in the activity. They were given training to facilitate class discussions. The Student Leaders were then assigned to P1 to P5 classes where they facilitated discussions and noted the issues raised by the student body. EXCO Prefects collated all the responses using the 6 Thinking Hats Strategy. Out of the 20 good ideas, 4 were selected using the strategy. The ideas were presented to the School Leaders and EXCO members. The 2019 EXCO prefects will take over from the 2018 EXCO prefects in project implementation and then the next cycle of Genius Hour would start again.

Genius Hour.JPG

The Moo-O Awards 2019

On 15 March 2019, three of our Primary 3 students took park in The Moo-O Awards, a digital story reading competition organised by Teevers and CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel. We are very proud to announce that our students bagged the Bronze Award once again this year. The participants were assessed for accurate pronunciation and appropriate intonation of their story narration which contributed to meaning being conveyed effectively. After a tough fight with students from 44 other schools, we clinched the Bronze Award for our school. Well done team!


Chinese Memory Game Competition

On 13 March 2019, KCS sent two teams of students to participate in a Chinese Memory Game Competition organized by Qifa Primary School for all Foundation Chinese Language students. We are very proud to announce that our Primary 6 students emerged Champion for the competition. It is with resilience, perseverance and determination that enabled our students emerge as champions in the draw with other schools during the final round. They managed to outwit others by applying the knowledge taught by their teachers, Mr Lee Yiang Chay and Mr Chang Xijie. Well done to both our teams who flew the KCS School flag high!

Chinese Memory Game Competition.jpg


National Level Inter-Schools Creative Writing Competition organized by EDN Media

On the 13th of July 2018, a leading Malay Language content provider (EDN Media), organized the 15th National Essay Writing Contest. The objective of this competition is to instil confidence in essay writing and to encourage the learning of the Malay Language in a fun and creative way. 
Malay students from the middle and upper primary represented Kheng Cheng School in this prestigious competition. Our students raised the image of Kheng Cheng School by clinching Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards. 

Congratulations to our winners! We are so proud of them.

Gold Award
Siti Noor Adrina (P5.2A)

Silver Award
Wirdatul Marsya (P6.2A)

Bronze Award
Nayli Alfeanna (P3.3), Wirdatul Humaira (P3.5), Muhammad Seann Ryan (P4.1), Erwan Azhari (P4.2), Nabeel Asnawi (P4.5), Ahmad Hamzah Fansuri (P5.2A), Nur Nabilah (P5.2B), Muhammad Indra Shah (P5.2C), Nur Hidayah (P5.2C) and Nur Iman (P5.2C), Hany Sabryna Tok (P5.3), Nur Eva Aaliyah (P5.4), Nurul Iman (P5.5).


3rd National Primary School Chinese Picture Book Competition

3 groups of our P4 students participated in the 3rd National Primary School Chinese Picture Book Competition. The group consisting of Glenda Lim Yu Xuan, Ong Fang Wen, Lu Xing Lin, Lu Xing Cheng and Kevin Le from Primary 4.3 did our school proud by garnering the honourable mention award with their creation of a 24-page 《胆小鬼》, written and illustrated by them. Congratulations to the awardees!

Chinese Picture Book Competition.jpg

Malay Essay Writing Competition

On 2 August 2017, our Malay students participated in a National Level Essay Writing Contest organized by EDN Media Pte Ltd. The aim of this contest is to instill the love for writing as well as to induce their creativity in the form of writing. 

The bronze awardees are Aqil Lutfi  (P3.5), Ibraheem (P3.5), Nur Sarah (P4.3), Nur Eva Aaliyah ( P4.5), Hany Sabryna (P4.1), Wirdatul Marsya (P5.2C), Nurin Zahirah (P5.3), Marsha Ellyana (P5.1), Gratio ( P6.5) and Syed Aezri (P 6.3). Nur Alisa (P6.5) received the silver award whereas Nurul Iman(P4.4) and Syakirah (P5.5) received the gold award. We are also proud to announce that Nurul Iman (P4.4) clinched 29th position (out of the 350 nation-wide entries) for overall best essay! Congratulations Nurul Iman and the winners!

Malay Essay Writing.png

Pintar Kata App 2017

Congratulations to Siti Nur Alisa Binte Malikie of 6.5 for clinching the 1st position in the Pintar Kata App National Competition. Pintar Kata app is a game created by Malay Language Centre of Singapore (MLCS) to encourage the learning of vocabulary. In the Pintar Kata App competition, students had to search for as many Malay words possible in a grid of letters within certain time given.

SPH-ID 19799214 .pdf

App Pintar.png
Source:  Berita Harian © Singapore Press Holdings Limited.  ​​Permission required for reproduction 

National on-the-spot Chinese Story Writing Competition 2017

‘Lianhe Wanbao’ of Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Lingzi Media Pte Ltd and Anglican High School had recently jointly organized the National On-the-Spot Chinese Story Writing Competition 2017 on Fri, 3 Mar 2017. The objective of the competition was to provide a platform for primary and secondary school pupils to showcase their creative writing skills in the Chinese language. 2 of our P6 HCL students took part in this competition. We are very proud to announce that Wu Peien from P6.5 has won the Bronze Award in this this competition. Congratulations, Wu Peien!

on-the-spot chinese story.jpg

Inter School National Scrabble Competition 2017

On Wednesday 19 April 2017, the Scrabble Club Junior Team attended the finals of the Inter School National Scrabble Competition. The team had previously gone through the preliminaries with a perfect score of fifteen wins and zero losses. After five rounds of ups and downs, the team achieved a 4th place finish and were eager to come back and continue training. A big thanks to Ms Santi for supporting the club and a round of applause for the efforts of all the Scrabble Club members.


Xue Hui Le National Chinese Writing Competition 2017

In June 2017, our P6 Higher Chinese Language students took part in the Xue Hui Le National Chinese Writing Competition. This competition provides a platform for students to showcase their creative skills in writing. After the preliminary round, 4 of our students were part of the top 80 finalists to proceed to the Grand Final Round on 3rd July. We are now proud to announce that Zhu Li from 6.5 emerged 9th in position!

2017 International Chinese Language Competition for Primary School


Holy Innocents' Primary School, together with co-organisers, Shenjiamen Primary School from China, the Education Bureau of Taiwan and Amdon International, has been organising the annual International Chinese Language Competition for the past 18 years. This competition promotes creative writing and expression in Chinese Language in real using the Internet and has attracted over 7000 participants from all over the world last year.

This year, 15 of our P4, P5 HCL and P6 HCL students took part in the competition. We are proud to announce that Kong Bijiahe from P6.6 achieved the Bronze Award in both the Singapore Category and International Category. Wang Yao from P4.5 achieved the Bronze Award in the Singapore Category.
Congratulations, Kong Bijiahe and Wang Yao! Keep up the good work.

6th Super Zone Scrabble Competition

The Scrabble Club participated in the 6th Super Zone Scrabble Competition on Saturday, 24 September 2016. The students put in great effort and the Junior Division Team 1 achieved South Zone 2nd place. All the students showed great resilience in the nine hour event and are excited to take up the challenge again next year. A big thank you to all the parents and teachers who have been supporting the Scrabble Club this year. Congratulations, Scrabble Club!


22nd National Primary School cum 10th Singapore-Malaysia-Brunei on-the-spot Chinese Creative Writing Competition

Singapore Foochow Association organized the 22nd national Primary School cum 10th Singapore-Malaysia-Brunei on-the-spot Chinese Creative Writing Competition, together with Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Union (SCTU) and Singapore Association of Writers on 20th August 2016.  More than 1000 students from 80 schools participated in this competition and only 81 students were awarded.

Chinese Creative Writing.jpg

An Yutong, our very own Primary 3 student, was awarded the Good Essay Award. Her composition will be included in the composition book, Bi Geng《笔耕》.
Congratulations to An Yutong for a job well done!

EDN Media Essay Writing Competition

On 15 August, EDN Media organised its 13th Essay Writing Contest, which aimed at encouraging the creative and fun learning while also preserving and promoting the Malay Language. We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to the following students who did the school proud by clinching the following awards.

Gold Award:
Anisah Rafhanah Bte Md Fahmi (P5.6)
Idris Bin Wan Hazari (P6.6)

Silver Award:
Nurul Iman Bte Md Rohan (P3.4)
Siti Noor Adrina Bte Md Fahamy (P3.6)
Siti Aisyah Bte Ridhuan (P6.6)

Pantun Writing Competition

In conjuction with Bulan Bahasa 2016, Kim Seng Community Club Malay Activity Executive Committee organized a Pantun-Writing competition on 11 August 2016. The theme was ‘My Family, My Strength’. Our heartiest congratulations to five of our students who did the school proud for clinching various positions in the competition.

Lower Primary Category:

3rd position – Nur Iman Bin Rizian (P3.5)

5th Position – Puteri Niq Ellyana Quryaisyaq (P2.1)

Upper Primary Category:

1st position – Muhammad Fiyaz Zuhaily Bin Md Fazli (P5.2B)

3rd position – Siti Nur Alisa Binte Malikie (P5.6)

5th position – Nur Is Batrisyia Binte Ismail (P4.6)

Pintar Kata App Competition

On 20 July, a total of 250 students from 90 schools that participated in Pintar Kata App National Competition, organised by Malay Language Centre of Singapore (MLCS) to encourage the learning of vocabulary. Siti Aisyah of P6.6 for clinching the top 9 position, achieving an amazing score in the search for Malay words in the letter grid! Our heartiest congratulation to Siti Aisyah and well done to all our Kheng Cheng representatives!

 pintar kata.jpg

From left to right: Siti Aisyah (P6.6), Muhd Sharmil (P6.2A) and Nur Alisa (P5.5) getting ready for the app competition

Pintar kata award.jpg

Siti Aisyah (Second from the right) at the Awards Ceremony

Singapore Amazing Machines Competition (SAMC) 2016

SAFMC 1.png

Left: Fantastic 4 (1st Runner-up), Right-top: Machines Geniuses (2nd Runner-up) , 
Right-bottom: STEM@SG (Best Booth Award)

SAFMC 2.png

Left: Fantastic 4 (1st Runner-up), Right-top: Machines Geniuses (2nd Runner-up),
Right-bottom: STEM@SG (Best Booth Award)

After months of gruelling planning, experimentation and teamwork, two teams have brought glory to Kheng Cheng School by emerging first and second runners-up in the SAMC 2016, one of the biggest Science competition in the nation! One of our Primary Four team even clinched the Best Booth award, beating teams from the secondary and tertiary institutions! Though the journey was tough and stressful, all our students from the eight participating teams embodied the spirit and essence of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) – Critical Thinking and Creativity, Resourcefulness, Problem-solving and Precision. They have also shown a great deal of perseverance, team spirit, open-mindedness and adventure in coming up with these interesting and exciting Rube Goldberg machines! Kudos to all eight teams for achieving so much with so little! You are all simply AMAZING!

SAFMC 3.png

15th Inter-School National Scrabble Competition 2016

The Scrabble Club has been practising diligently every Thursday afternoon, conditioning their mental fortitude and reinforcing their Scrabble vocabulary. Their hard work paid off at the 15th Inter-School National Scrabble Competition, achieving first placing in the Bowl (I) Division and runner-ups in the Cup Division. A special note of thanks to the Primary 6s for their contributions during their tenure in the club and kudos to all members for their commitment and dedication.

Scrabble 1.jpgScrabble 2.jpg

Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2016

Amazing Flying Machine Competition! A competition all about one of the most amazing inventions ever, planes! It was Kheng Cheng School’s first time participating in it and twelve students were selected from Primary 5.5 and 5.6 to represent the school on 7 and 14 March 2016.  They formed four teams: The Zooming Atoms, The Ace Pilots, Star Falcons and The Accelerators and so began their exciting journey, soaring high in the skies and overcoming the turbulence faced along the way as a team.

SAFMC 1.jpg
Rui Zhe, Kai Hang, Jovi, Gabriel, Yi En, Ike, Vivian, Valerie, Yanqi, Zi Han, Alden, Zhuli

SAFMC 2.jpg

The primary school category was about folding paper planes. The aim was to fold a paper plane that could fly the farthest, with the most precision and could stay aloft the longest. Sounds easy? That was what the participants thought too. They soon realised that every little alteration to the design affected the flight of their planes dramatically. They hit the books and searched the internet, learning about the forces that made flight possible. And soon, they were speaking the same language as a pilot and an aeronautical engineer. They worked hard on their presentations, and even harder on their plane designs. Paper planes whizzing by became a common sight in the classrooms of P5.5 and P5.6.
One of the participants, Alden Chew from 5.5, described the whole experience as educational with a bucketful of fun. Vivian from 5.6 said that she is now inspired to be a pilot.
SAFMC 3.jpgThe four teams emerged from the competition more confident and more knowledgeable. One of the teams, The Zooming Atoms, went all the way to the finals and clinched first prize for the Presentation Award! Congratulations, Zooming Atoms!
Kheng Cheng School is immensely proud of all the four teams that participated. In our eyes, you are all winners. Continue to always dare to dream, dare to fly, dare to be the chosen one to touch the sky!

SAFMC 4.jpg
First Prize Winners for Presentation Award Kai Hang, Jovi & Rui Zhe