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National Young Shutterbugs 2017

On 20 November, two groups of our Media Club students took part in the 6th National Young Shutterbugs – Landscapes of Our Time. Both teams made our school proud with Gabriel Yap Min Ying and Chua Jia Yang who achieved the First Prize for Arrangement Snapshot and Bryan Eng Jing Kang and Tong Kei Weng who achieved the Special Mention Award. Congratulations to the winners!

Lotus Sustained Achievement Award

Our school has once again achieved the Lotus Sustained Achievement Award 2017. Our staff and students have and will always be involved in environmental activities both in school and the community. We believe that with the little effort we put in, we can make a difference.

Sustained Lotus Achievement Award.jpg

Cub Scouts Excellence Unit Award 2016

We would like to congratulate our Cub Scouts for achieving the Silver Award for the year 2016! 

First Aid Championship 2017

Our Red Cross Link participated in the First Aid Championships 2017 on 24 February 2017 to raise the standards of first aid in RCY members, increase awareness of first aid (in line with Singapore Red Cross’ objective of having a First Aider in every home by 2020) and promote the idea that first aid skills are easy and enjoyable to acquire, thus encouraging more to actively develop such skills. The members spent a few weeks training for the championships and we achieved the silver award! The members enjoyed the experience and were happy to be able to apply their learning in the Championships. We hope to do better next year!

Red Cross Excellent Unit Award

We would like to congratulate our Red Cross Unit for achieving the Gold Award for the year 2016! The members would like to thank our school leaders, teachers and parents for their continuous support for our activities.  We will continue to integrate character-building, leadership and essential life-saving skills during our training sessions. This is in line with the MOE approach of developing 21st Century competencies among the youths, focusing on character and citizenship education. We strive to instil the Red Cross Youth spirit and strengthen core values such as compassion, passion and professionalism in all members. Thank you for your support!

Heartfelt Competition 2016

A few of our Red Cross Link students took part in the Heartfelt Competition 2016 in Term 3. The competition was the first aesthetics-focused competition in the Red Cross Youth since 2010 and it was integrated with the rich tradition of Current Affairs Competition to promote the cause for humanity and service-oriented problem solving.  

Our students spent a few weeks preparing for the competition. They brainstormed for ideas and had discussions in fine-tuning their ideas. We eventually managed to submit a meaningful video and a set of photographs that depicts how our hands show care for our community. 

 We are proud to share that they have won the Gold Award in the Flutter Category and a Commendation Award in the Rhythm Category.

Heartfelt Competition.png

Photofest 2016

Photofest 1.jpg

From left to Right: Cheryl Ong (P4.3), Tay Mian Yao (P4.6), Koh Yong Xuan (P5.4) and Christopher Huang Wei Jie (P5.4) 

Photofest 2.jpg

On 30 July, Cheryl Ong (P4.3), Tay Mian Yao (P4.6), Koh Yong Xuan (P5.4) and Christopher Huang Wei Jie (P5.4) from Media Club participated in the National Photofest 2016, through which students are able to learn, apply and inspire others in the Art of Photography and inculcate a sense of appreciation for the community and environment.  

These 4 students represented our school to participate in this event, and they were awarded for Group Special Mention Award.

Congratulations to our 4 KCS representatives!

Kheng Cheng Lions Roar

On 9th July 2016, KCS Lion Dance Troupe participated in the 22nd Ngee Ann City National Lion Dance Championships. Although the lion dance troupe are young, comprising Primary Three to Five students, our lions did Kheng Cheng proud and clinched the second runner-up! Congratulations to our Lion Dance troupe for the demonstration of the courage and resilience of a lion!

KCS Lions.jpg

12th Institutional Nanyang Technological University Lion Dance Championships

On 3 April, KCS Lion Dance Troupe took part in the 12th Institutional Nanyang Technological University Lion Dance Championships and came in third. It was the second time that the team participated in the competition held at The Cathay atrium. Our principal and colleagues, families in tow, were there to lend their support. We are looking forward to participating in the 22nd Ngee Ann City Lion Dance Championships in term 3.

Lion Dance 1.jpg
Lion Dance 2.1.jpg