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First-Aid Championships 2018

Our Red Cross Link participated in the First Aid Championships 2018 on 2 March. The theme for the 2018 Championships is “Humanity in Our Hands” (HIOH). It aims to remind all our RCY members that we have the power to make a difference to someone in need through our knowledge and skill in First Aid.

 The objectives of the Championships are as follows:
  1.  To increase preparedness such that quality First Aid is provided in real-life situations. 
  2. To increase awareness of First Aid skills, both in terms of knowledge and its importance to residents of SouthWest, in line with the goals of Singapore Red Cross of having a First Aider in Every Home by 2020.

The link members spent a few weeks training for the championships and we achieved the silver award! The members enjoyed the experience and were happy to be able to apply their learning in the championships. We hope to continue the good work!

First aid championships pic.jpg