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Track and Field Achievements 2017

National School Games SPSSC Track & Field Championships 2017:
Shot Put / A Boys - 3rd
Long Jump / A Boys - 3rd
100m Hurdles / A Boys - 1st
Shot Put / C Boys - 4th
Shot Put / B Boys - 8th
100m / D Boys - 8th
Long Jump / B Girls - 3rd
100m / B Girls - 6th
600m / D Girls - 6th
300m / D Girls - 8th

Taekwondo Achievements 2017

SPSSC NSG Taekwondo
Jr Div Kyrougi Male Red Belt Under 24kg - 3rd

Artistic Gymnastics Achievements 2017

Jr Div Girls Developmental
Vault  - 3rd
Balance Beam - 2nd

Basketball Achievements 2017

SPSSC South Zone Basketball Championships 2017 :
Senior Boys - 2nd
Junior Boys - 1st
Senior Girls - 3rd
Junior Girls - 4th

SPSSC NSG Basketball Championships 2017 :
Senior Boys - Top 8
Junior Boys - 3rd
Senior Girls - Top 16
Junior Girls - Top 16

Track and Field Achievements 2016

Stamford Primary School Invitational 2016

4X100m / C Boys                 3rd


ActiveSG Athletics Fiesta

C Girls / Overall                   1st

D Boys / Overall                   1st and 2nd


Akira Swift Track and Field Competition 2016

100m / C Girls                      2nd

Shot Put / D Boys                1st

Long Jump / C Girls             2nd

4X100m / C Girls                 3rd

57th National Primary Schools Track and Field Championships 2016

Shot Put / A Boys                1st

Shot Put / D Boys                1st

Shot Put / C Boys                4th

80m Hurdles / B Girls          4th

Basketball Achievements 2016

Champion in South Zone Primary School Basketball Championships – Senior Boys

Second in South Zone Primary School Basketball Championships – Junior Boys and Senior Girls

Third in South Zone Primary School Basketball Championships – Junior Girls

National Basketball Championships – Top 8 for all 4 teams

A job well done to our boys and girls in this year’s South Zone and National Basketball Championships! All our four teams qualified for the National and it was indeed a remarkable achievement.

The teams played their best and kept their fighting spirit all throughout the games and never did they give up and fought to the very last second for all the games. They had displayed the values of KCS, having the courage to stand up strong against their opponents and overcame all obstacles ahead of them. They had displayed kindness as well as some of our players were awarded sportsmanship from the other schools they had played with.

Well done, KCS!

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