Environmental Science


The Environmental Club aims to promote environmental awareness and care for the environment – both the school environment and our neighbourhood environment among our students.

At each weekly meeting, members learn how they can play a part in caring for the environment through hands-on ‘green’ activities. Activities include craft work using recycled materials, collecting recyclable materials, gardening, growing of plants in bottles and containers, making recycled papers and designing posters to educate students on what they can do to help look after the environment.

Besides weekly meetings, members also go on field trips to nature conservation sites to develop an appreciation for nature and see environmental issues first hand. 

We hope that through the different activities, students will be able to apply their knowledge, skills and values and take action to preserve, protect and improve the environment around them.

Teacher-in-Charge Training Day & Time
Mrs Elaine Leong              ng_ziyi_elaine@moe.edu.sg  Friday
1.00pm – 3.00pm
Ms Teo Yee Leng
Mr Puah Beng Siong Alvin
Ms Mandy Chia Puay Neo