Infocomm Technology (IT) Club

Infocomm Technology (IT) Club

Kheng Cheng School | ©

Kheng Cheng School | ©

The IT Club aims to cultivate interest and awareness in the use of Information Technology, such as coding and photography in our students. Members of the club will be imparted with basic Information Technology knowledge on coding and photography skills. Members are able to transfer their learning as they embark on the hands-on experiences in creating apps and taking photographs. The club also provides a platform for the members to employ creativity and adopt alternative perspectives as they make progress in their learning. 

In the recent years, the club has taken part in various inter-school competitions for greater exposure and learning for its members. These enriching experiential learning opportunities will continue to sustain the interest in students’ learning as they progress beyond the classrooms.



Achievements since 2015:

2015 – Hackathon

  • KCS Team 1: Judges Award
  • KCS Team 2: Third Prize

2016 – National Photography Festival for Primary Schools   

  • Special Mention Award

2017 – 6th National Young Shutterbugs

  • KCS Team 1: Special Mention Award for Essence Snapshots
  • KCS Team 2: First Prize for Arrangement Snapshots

2018- The 4th National Coding Competition (2018)

  • KCS Team: Silver Award
Teacher-in-Charge Training Day & Time Venue
Miss Cui Min (IC)
1.00pm – 3.00pm
ITR Room & Computer Lab 1, 2 & 3 
Miss Koh Yuan Ting
Miss Chew Jia Ying Vivian
Mdm Zhang Li
Mr Jason Sim