Chinese Orchestra

KCS Chinese Orchestra has been in existence for more than thirty years and promotes an appreciation for Chinese music. It also helps the members develop a better understanding and respect for the Chinese culture through the mastery of the many instruments in the Orchestra.

KCS Chinese Orchestra aims to nurture the love of music as performing arts in its members since young. Membership is open to P3-P6 students of all races. Through regular combined and sectional practice sessions, members are given the opportunity to gain important and beneficial life skills such as perseverance, responsibility and precision. As members become more competent in playing their respective instruments, they play as one body working together as an Orchestra with group cohesion and team work.

Our team meets every Tuesday afternoon for a combined session, followed by a sectional practice on Friday afternoons. The team takes part in various school events such as Chinese New Year Celebrations, Founder’s Day and Open House CCA showcase. The members are given the opportunity to hone their skills through internal and external performances.

Teachers-in-Charge Training Dates and Time
Mdm Soh Shan Shan
2.00pm – 4.00pm
1.00pm – 3.00pm
Miss Lam Guan Yu
Mr Muhd Rasul
Miss Yu Meng Chen
Mdm Joycelyn Ho
Mdm Neo Beng Hoon
Mrs Ho-Lai Shao Fong Vince
Year Achievements
2010, 2012 Gold
2014, 2016, 2018 Certificate of Distinction