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The Kheng Cheng School Choir was established with the purpose of promoting choral awareness, developing students’ love for choral singing, as well as providing opportunities for pupils to showcase their talents through performances.


  1. Promote choral awareness and develop students’ love for choral singing through choral training sessions and exchange programmes with other schools
  2. Develop stage etiquette and carry themselves well on stage through rehearsals and opportunities to perform
  3. Understand the importance of hard work and discipline through choral training sessions and performances

Key events  (Achievement)

1.Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (once in 2 years)

2012 Bronze
2014 Certificate of Accomplishment
2016 Certificate of Accomplishment
2018 Certificate of Accomplishment

2. Public / Ticketed performances (yearly)

2015 Ticketed performance – Singspiration 2015  at Victoria Concert Hall
2016 Ticketed performance – Fili Voce at Esplanade Recital Studio
2017 Public performance – Christmas Light Up 2017 at Ngee Ann City
2018 Public performance – Filii Voice – Combine with Tao Nan School at The Arts House
Teacher-in-Charge Training Day & Time
Mdm Wang Ping
1.00pm – 3.00pm
Miss Leow Min Ru Eunice
Miss Tan Ying Rui
Mdm Jane Seah