Track and Field

Kheng Cheng School Track & Field CCA aims to develop in our students a sound body, a disciplined mind, outstanding character, leadership qualities and sportsmanship. The Track & Field Developmental Programme places great emphasis in developing a variety of sporting knowledge and skills, inculcating our students the correct values and desirable social attitudes, thereby achieving healthy recreation and enjoyment.

There are also customized programmes to cater to the talented to compete at a higher level. Under the guidance of our dedicated teachers and coaches, students are provided with a holistic training environment to train and compete to the best of their abilities in championships such as the Singapore Sports School Invitational and National Primary School Track and Field. Above all, attributes such as perseverance, sportsmanship and teamwork are essential qualities that our student-athletes will pick up through training, competitions, training camps and service-learning projects.

Teacher-in-Charge Training Day & Time
Mr Yung Keng Sing
1.00pm – 3.00pm
Miss Chua Nyap Lih Alisa
Mdm Mardiana Ismail
Miss Grace Wong
Mr Teng Cheng Boon
Miss Wong Yee Yee
Mdm Wong Wan Sian