Red Cross Link

Red Cross Link

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As part of the Singapore Red Cross Youth, we seek to promote and encourage participation of our members in the work of Red Cross and to instil in them a sense of social responsibility towards the less fortunate.

Besides the teaching of core modules such as Basic First Aid, Basic Red Cross knowledge and Red Cross Service, the other activities carried out during our CCA meetings include basic foot drills, life skills, health laws and recreational games that promote teamwork and instil values.

Through these activities, we seek to nurture and equip our members with practical skills so that they can live up to the Red Cross motto ‘Serve One Another’.

The first aid skills imparted progress according to the readiness of the members. Members showcase basic first-aid and bandaging skills during special occasions such as Total Defence Day.

KCS Red Cross Link has received the Gold Award for Excellence Unit Award for the year 2019.

Teacher-in-Charge Training Day & Time
Miss Shalini d/o Venkiteswaran
1.00pm – 3.00pm
Mdm Kalpana Kannadhasan
Miss Ayesha Jagaber Yasmin
Mrs Low-Chew Joo Luang, Janice
Mrs Winnie Chan