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Beyond Exam Results: Changes in P1 & P2 Assessments

Last year, MOE announced that schools will reduce the number of school-based assessments to reduce the over-emphasis on academic results. For P1 and P2, all examinations and weighted assessments would be removed. Instead of marks and grades, we would use learning outcomes and qualitative descriptors in the Holistic Development Profile (HDP) at the end of each semester. In addition, parents of students in P1 and P2 would also be informed of your child’s learning dispositions. Under the revised selection for Edusave Merit Bursary (EMB) and Good Progress Award (GPA) for P1 and P2 students, form teachers would also evaluate and nominate students based on the learning dispositions that they have observed through each semester.   

The details of the P1 and P2 subject-specific learning outcomes can be found in the pdf attached. P1 and P2 parents would also be receiving a letter with more details on Thu, 7 Feb 19.

P1  & P2 Subject-specific Learning Outcomes:   SSLO_P1P2.pdf