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Health Screening for P1 and P5

The Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) School Health Service will visit Kheng Cheng School to conduct health screening for our students. This will be held from 5 March to 20 March 2018.

Parents are reminded to do the following to ensure the smooth running of the health screening  service.

  • Submit your child’s/ward’s latest medical information and provide consent for the immunisation via online by 22 February 2018.  (You can use your Singpass to log into the online portal at https://childconsent.hpb.gov.sg)
  • Submit your child's/ward's health booklet and other health documents (such as immunisation certificates) to his/her form teacher by 22 February 2018.

We look forward to working with you to ensure the delivery of an efficient and effective health service for our students.