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Organisation Chart


Mrs Sharon Choo (SH/Partnership) 


Mrs Jacqueline Anthony ( HOD/Student Development)
Mdm Shree Kumar Arita ( SH/Science)

Approach/ Framework/ Philosophy

One of the school’s strategic thrust is on strengthening partnerships which reinforces that collaboration with various partners is an important aspect of the school’s existence within our community.

We deeply believe in a strong Home-School-Community based partnership. The committee will work on the three domains of action: Teaching and Learning, Community Engagement and Values in Action. Actions which are student-focused to actualise the school’s vision to develop a dynamic community of compassionate leaders and critical thinkers.

Key Programmes

PSG/Parent Volunteers

The school aims to strengthen partnership with the Parent Support Group members and the Parent Volunteers who will collaborate and co-organise school events and programmes to further develop student learning.


The school aims to build a platform to reach out to the alumni members who would like to contribute to their alma mater. It is also meant to promote the co-operation and friendship amongst former and present students of the school. 

External organisations

The school has forged partnerships with selected organizations and groups to support our school’s vision and mission. These valuable partnerships help to enrich the students’ learning and enhance the overall quality of education.