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Parents' Briefing 2019

Thank you for attending our Parents’ Briefing on Saturday, 26 Jan 2019. We hoped that the  sessions had provided you with key information on our school’s teaching approaches, assessment matters and how you can support your children at home.

The slides shared during the briefing are appended here:

P1 PB 2019.pdf 
P2 PB 2019.pdf 
P2 PB 2019.pdf 
P3 PB 2019.pdf 
P4 PB 2019.pdf 
P5 PB 2019.pdf 
P6 PB 2019.pdf 

Primary 1 Learning Outcomes.pdf 
Primary 2 Learning Outcomes.pdf 


2019 KCS P1 PB_MT.pdf 

2019 KCS P2 PB_MT.pdf 

2019 KCS P3 PB_MT.pdf 

2019_KCS P4 PB_MT.pdf 

2019_KCS P5 PB_MT.pdf 

2019KCS P6 PB_MT.pdf 


P1 Classroom PB_2019.pdf 

P2 Classroom PB_2019.pdf 

P3 Classroom PB_2019.pdf

 P4 Classroom PB_2019.pdf 

P5 Classroom PB_Standard_2019.pdf 

P5 Classroom PB_Foundation_2019.pdf 

P6 Classroom PB_Standard_2019.pdf 

P6 Classroom PB_Foundation_2019.pdf