Approach / Philosophy

Our Vision about Art Education in KCS

An Active Appreciator and Innovator of the Arts.

Our Mission in KCS Art Education:

Empowering every child with the skills and knowledge to explore and experiment in Art

Key Programmes

Our art curriculum seek to teach our students to learn and appreciate the Visual Arts through the ‘3E’ approach.

Students are given opportunities to: Students’ Art involvement in:
Experience Participate in the arts as practitioners and audience.
  • Art Trail
  • Art Curriculum
  • P4 Family Education – Museum-based Learning (Art & CCE)
  • Programme for Active Learning (PAL)
Enrich Participate in art enrichment to deepen and broaden their knowledge in Visual Arts
  • Art Exhibition
  • Enrichment Programmes
  • Event-Related Art Activities
  Excel Nurture their confidence and resilience through the rigour in honing their skills to exhibit and showcase their talent in art
  • Spin-A-Yarn
  • Art & Crafts Club
  • SYF Art Competition
  • Japan Art Competition
  • Art Portfolio Enrichment
  • P2 Colouring Competition


Art Teachers

Ms Tina Woo Siew Wei (Art Coordinator)
Ms Li Huiyuan
Miss Chua Zheng Yi Jane

KCS Art Trail

This year’s art trail is unique because we invited students to our inaugural virtual art exhibition on SLS where they could explore the exhibit at their own time. Students started off their art trail experience with a pre-recorded guided tour led by our student docents – Jeanette Ng (P2.1) & Jocelyn Angelina Bonang (P2.1).

The art trail features submissions for the Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition, 2021, where students worked on the theme Artist and Technology. The SYF Photo gallery offered students an opportunity to see our artists in action. It also has a special extension that showcases selected artworks from the 2021 submissions for the Annual World Children’s Picture Contest. On top of that, a chance at winning prizes by answering the 5 questions in the SLS package also encouraged students to engage meaningfully with the artworks.


All in all, this year’s art trail not only provided our little artists with an opportunity to exhibit and share about their art-making experience, but it also allowed the rest of our students to learn about and appreciate the artworks done by our little artists. We hope you will enjoy this virtual exhibit experience too.