Approach / Philosophy

Every Child can be an Artist

All children can express creativity and imagination like an artist and appreciate the value of Art as an audience.

Core Beliefs about Art education in KCS:

  1. Cater to different student needs
  2. Develop Self-Identity
  3. Nurture Thinking Individuals
  4. Using Art to drive CCE / NE / SS in KCS, we seek to Connect Students with Community and Culture

Our Mission in KCS:

  • To Provide a Vibrant and Enjoyable Learning Environment
  • Nurturing Creativity, Independence and Life-Long Learners in the Arts, using Visual Art to:
  • Think flexibly
  • Listen with understanding & empathy
  • Persist in doing– persevering in a task through to completion; remaining focused,
  • Apply past knowledge to new situations
  • Remain open to continuous learning – having the motivation to learn more.
  • Question and pose problem
  • Think interdependently whilst working together

Singapore’s Vision 2025: A nation of cultured and gracious people at home with our heritage, proud of our Singaporean identity. (Arts & Culture Strategic Review Report 2012 p15)

Key Programmes

Our curriculum in fine art, ceramics and art installation seek to teach our students to learn and appreciate the Visual Arts.

Level Students are given opportunities to: Students’ Art involvement in:
Experience for all Participate in the arts as practitioners and audience. Artmaking and appreciation in the    classrooms and Art specialty rooms
Engagement for groups with interest Take ownership of their art experience by initiating and completing art projects. Being a Co-curricular member of the Visual Arts Club.
  Excellence for identified groups with talent Deepen their engagement of and develop mastery in chosen area(s) Identified and guided by Teachers to be in the Special Interest Project Group and have their artwork submitted for local and overseas competitions.