1. Confident in expressing through music
2. Curious to explore and learn more about music
3. Cooperative in sharing and developing ideas and skills during Music lessons


To be able to:
1. sing confidently and play a variety of instruments within an ensemble and as an individual
2. compose simple melodic and rhythmic pieces
3. comment and evaluate music from various cultures using musical elements and concepts

Our Curriculum

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
P1 Elements of Music Elements of Music Music & Movement Rhythmic Composition
P2  Introduction to Performing Arts  Introduction to Performing Arts  Rhythmic Ensembles  Melodic Compositions
P3  Recorder Recorder Drumming Drumming
P4 Ukulele Ukulele Orff Ensemble Orff Ensemble
P5 Song Writing  Song Writing  Guitar I  Guitar I
P6 Rock Band Rock Band Rock Band Rock Band


Key Programmes

Talent Display


Useful Links

San Francisco Symphony

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Singapore Symphony Orchestra

National Arts Centre