• To enable students to strengthen their communication skills in the form of listening, speaking, reading, writing, interactive oracy and interactive writing
  • To allow students to interact well using the standard Malay Language
  • To enable students to transmit the culture and values of the community

Key Programmes

Learning Journey to Malay Language Centre of Singapore

Our Primary 4 students will visit the Malay Language Centre of Singapore. The objectives of the tour for students to learn about the Malay society in the past and appreciate its heritage. Students are exposed to rich and insightful exhibitions, programmes and guided by the knowledge and experienced tour guider.Malay Heritage 2 Malay Heritage 1

Theatre Appreciation

Our P5 Malay students went to Woodlands Regional Library to watch a play entitled ‘Titah Kontemporari’. The objective of the play was to reiterate the importance of conversing in Standard Malay Language in students’ daily conversations. Students learnt new words and were exposed to an array of cultural performances in the play. It was indeed a fulfilling

experience for all students involved.

Ta3 Ta2 Ta1

Mother Tongue fortnight activities allow authentic usage and exposure to MTL. During the MTL Fortnight, a wide range of outside–class MTL activities are conducted to enable students to learn and use MTL in novel and exciting ways. The activities include performing arts such as silat, Malay dance, dikir barat and Jawi writing.


Drama is about discovering the creative self, awakening the senses, strengthening one’s imagination, and communicating this experience to others. This programme aims to teach drama skills including development of voice, clear speech and expressive movement, and the ability to interpret texts and communicate imaginative ideas and emotions effectively. The programme is designed according to the Blooms’s Taxonomy, emphasizing on gradual learning experience form knowledge – Comprehension – Application – Analysis – Synthesis and finally Evaluation. This method allows active participation from the students of the varying abilities thereby giving them the exposure to collaboration and cooperation with others.

Speechndrama2 Speechndrama1

The Malay Language reading programme is carried out to cater to the low progress students who have difficulties in reading. Resources used in this programme are crafted and aligned based on difficulty level of the reading abilities of students. It is conducted every Thursday and Friday with the help of our P4 and P5 good reader buddies.



The students are given the opportunity to take part in various competitions conducted by external organisations. One of which is the national composition writing organized by EDN Media Pte Ltd.

The students are also actively participating in national level competitions conducted by the Malay Language Centre of Singapore.



This programme is conducted every Wednesday during Mother Tongue period. Our students are encouraged to borrow Malay books from our school library and read books from the different genres. Apart from this, they will have to complete a set of fun-filled activities relating to the books that they have read. For lower primary classes, the teachers will introduce and read new books to the students to foster the love for reading Malay books in them.



Useful Links

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