MOE Mathematics Framework

Mathematical Problem Solvin


The central focus of the framework is mathematical problem solving, that is, using mathematics to solve problems.  The framework stresses conceptual understanding, skills proficiency and mathematical processes, and gives due emphasis to attitudes and metacognition.  These five components are inter-related.

KCS Approach

The school has a structured concept-based Mathematics curriculum to bring out conceptual understanding. With the use of Experienced-based Learning as our guiding principle in crafting learning activities, teachers are deliberate in bringing out the essential conceptual knowledge using the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Approach. The learning activities enable students to develop and apply their mathematical reasoning and ability to use mathematical language to express mathematical ideas.

Key Programmes

Objective: To stimulate P3 to P5 students’ interest and enthusiasm for problem solving.

Approach: Expose students to non-routine and challenging problems and puzzles.

Objective: To have a structured approach for teaching heuristics and problem solving skills.

Approach: Introduce the SPARE (Study, Plan, Act, Reasonableness, Explain) problem-solving process to students from P1. Progressive approach to introducing different heuristics from P1 to P6.

Objective: To provide additional support for P3 students who have not mastered the four operations.

Approach: Members of the PSG conduct remediation in the morning. In order to stimulate learning, games and puzzles are used to enhance students’ learning of the four operations.

Objective: To increase interconnectedness of mathematical concepts and application of skills in meaningful contexts.

Approach: Mathematics trails and concept-based activities are conducted to allow students to explore the real-life applications of Mathematics.

Math 2




Objective: To provide additional support for P1 and 2 students who are weak in basic numeracy skills.

Approach: Students receive more individual attention from the teacher in a smaller classroom setting. Learning experiences are designed based on the needs of the students to provide them with opportunities to succeed so as to increase their confidence.

Organisation Chart

Head of Department/Mathematics

Miss Goh Ming Sze

Subject Head/Mathematics

Miss Alisa Chua

Senior Teacher / Mathematics

Mdm Mandy Chia

Miss Koh Yuan Ting


Mrs Vince Ho

Mdm Yee Kit Yin

Mdm Mardiana Binte Ismail

Miss Kamaliah Mohamad Azni

Miss Eunice Leow

Ms Seah Sin Peng

Mdm Srimarlina Binte Mohammed Eas

Miss Yeo Yong Yong

Miss Goh Sock Lai

Mrs Cheryl Ho

Mdm Brenda Peh

Mdm Claire Lim

Mdm Wong Wan Sian

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