Mother Tongue


We aim to help our students develop the love for their Mother Tongue Languages, by encouraging them to use their Mother Tongue Languages as living languages. We will nurture proficient users who are able to communicate effectively in their Mother Tongue Languages in a variety of real-life settings.

Guiding principles in the teaching of the Mother Tongue Languages

  • Develop language skills in tandem with inculcating humanistic values
  • Focus on practical use of the Mother Tongue Languages
  • Adhere to the natural progression of language acquisition to raise learning efficacy
  • Cater to learners of varying abilities with differentiated learning objectives
  • Encourage active and independent learning
  • Develop thinking capacities


Organisation Chart

Subject Head / MTL
Mdm Tan Hwee Sang 陳芔潸

Subject Head / CL
Mr Lim Ming En 林明恩

Senior Teacher / MTL
Mdm Wu Shu Qing 吴淑清

ML Coordinator
Mdm Aslinda Bte Paujan

MTL CCE Coordinator & ABLE Coordinator
Mr Cheng Xijie 程希杰

School-based Curriculum Programme Coordinator
Miss Chen Chen 陈琛

Subject Representatives
Chinese Language Malay Language
Chinese Language Teachers

P1 Subject Rep

Mdm Soh Shan Shan 苏姗姗

P2 Subject Rep

Miss Leong Tim Tim  龙佃恬

P3 Subject Rep

   Miss Chen Chen 陈琛

P4 Subject Rep

Miss Yu Mingxia 余明霞

P5 Subject Rep

Mrs Toh Cheng Hwan 罗清芳

P6 Subject Rep

     Miss Cui Min 崔旻

Malay Language Teachers

P1 & P6 Subject Rep

Mr Muhammad Rasul Bin Abd

P2 & P5 Subject Rep

Mdm Siti Amirah Bte Othman

         P4 Subject Rep

Miss Khadijah Bte Jantan

P3 Subject Rep

Mdm Nur Sodiqin Binte Mohd Fuad


Miss Dixie Tan Mei Lan陈梅兰 (Assistant Year Head)Mdm Toh Xiao Ying 卓晓莹 (Assistant Year Head)

Miss Amber Ye 叶晓霞

Miss Chew Jia Ying 周佳颖

Mdm Goh Koon Mei 吴群美

Mdm Su Ting Ting 苏婷婷

Miss Tay Man Hui 郑满慧

Ms Yu Mengchen 于梦晨

Mdm Wang Ping 王平

Mdm Wong Yee Yee 王忆忆

Mdm Zhang Li Cecely 张丽