Course Framework

Cl Framework

Chinese Curriculum Objectives


In our pursuit to develop active learners and proficient users of the Mother Tongue Language (乐学善用) we encourage our students to make Chinese Language a Living Language (活学活用). To achieve our goals, we believe in making the learning of the Chinese Language an enjoyable experience (欢乐学习) for all our students. We also provide opportunities for our students to learn the language and we aim to stretch them to achieve their fullest potential (学而不厌·精益求精).

Apart from the curriculum, we further develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through various platforms.

Key Programmes

Our school provides many opportunities to engage our students and support them in their learning. Some of these programmes include the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight, Reading Programme, Cultural Immersion Trip, Cultural Camp and internal MTL competitions. 

Mtl Fortnight
1. Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight 母语双周

Our MTL fortnight which is also known as our Language Fiesta has provided platforms for students to actively learn more about the Mother Tongue Language in and out of classroom, and it has created an immersive environment that promotes an experiential learning experience for the students. In line with this, the Mother Tongue Department organised a variety of activities for their students. In view of the pandemic, to ensure safety and to provide authentic experiences for our students, some of these activities were held in the classrooms while others were conducted online with slides introducing the Chinese and Malay culture as well as videos demonstrating detailed instructions of how to carry out the lessons. These activities included:

P1 – Rod Puppets Making / Curry Puff Keychain

P2 – Poems Recitation / Curry Puff Keychain

P3 – Chinese Fan Painting / Kite Colouring and Design

P4 – Chinese Knots Making / Rod Puppets Making

P5 – Beijing Opera Face Masks Painting / Batik Paining

In addition to these, students were introduced to the Chinese and Malay culture such as Songkok, Chinese Dumplings making, Beijing Opera Face Changing performance, Tea Appreciation and Glutinous Rice Ball making.

Our MTL Fortnight would be in Term 2 this year, so do watch this space for more exciting updates and photos of the event!

Mtl Photo 2

Mtl Photo 3

Our school strongly believes that reading is the basis for all other learning. Reading beyond classroom textbooks helps our students to appreciate and better grasp the language. We encourage structured reading by providing age-appropriate reading materials and reading corners in the school.


Our school-based curriculum (校本计划) focuses mainly on reading. The activity is driven by CL teachers who lead and guide the pupils through Chinese storybooks, after which students will complete a variety of tasks to reflect their comprehension of the stories.


In our continuous efforts to encourage our students to read widely, we are constantly sourcing for creative ways such as using ICT reading platforms to cultivate in students the habit of reading Chinese books.


In additions with the help of a group of very enthusiastic mummies, we have been able to carry out the Reading Mums Programme《读读乐,乐乐读》in our school. These Reading Mums carry out reading sessions in the school library during recess time by reading Chinese books to all students who are interested. These Reading Mums also engage our weaker students in the lower primary by reading interesting Chinese storybooks to them on a weekly basis during curriculum time.

The school organises cultural immersion programme annually. In 2019, 36 Primary 5 students were selected to travel to Beijing from 1 June to 7 June 2019. The overseas trip provided the opportunity for the students to learn the Chinese Language through an experiential approach, while being immersed in Chinese culture, arts and history. As part of the programme, our students had the opportunity to attend lessons in a local school where they interacted with the Chinese students in their classrooms.

In view of the pandemic, we did not have the overseas immersion programme in 2020. However, we would try to continue to expose our students to such culture rich learning activities. Watch out for this space in June!

Cultural 1


To create a vibrant MTL learning environment in school, level competitions are organised for all levels. Besides aiming to raise pupils’ Mother Tongue proficiency, the level competitions also serve as platforms for pupils to display their skills and talents.

Mtl Photo 4

Photo 5


To inculcate the love for Chinese, we expose our students to Cultural theatre performances.  In 2020, we were not able to go for our annual cultural performances, but we decided to go online for our theatre performance. With this virtual learning, our P5 students had shared that they enjoyed the session immensely.

Photo 6


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