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Chinese Curriculum Objectives


In pursuit to develop active learners and proficient users of the Mother Tongue Language (乐学善用) by encouraging our students to make Chinese Language a Living Language (活学活用). To achieve our goals, we believe in making the learning of the Chinese Language an enjoyable experience (欢乐学习) for all our students. We also provide opportunities for our students to learn the language and stretch them to achieve their fullest potential (学而不厌·精益求精).

Apart from the curriculum, we further develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through various platforms.

Key Programmes

Our school provides many opportunities to engage our students and support them in their learning. Some of these programmes include the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight, Reading Programme, Cultural Immersion Trip and Cultural Camp.

Mtl 1
1. Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight母语双周

During our annual MTL Fortnight, a range of within class and out-of-class Chinese Language activities are organised to enable students to learn and use the Chinese Language in a novel and exciting way. It also provides a platform to raise students’ awareness of the traditional Chinese culture.

In 2019, the classroom-based activities include Puppet Making(棒偶制作), Bamboo Slips(竹简), Clay sculpture(泥塑) and Chinese Painting(水墨画). Students are also encouraged to take part in out-of-class activities such as the Chinese Calligraphy (春联/书法示范) , Chinese Tea Appreciation (茶艺), Moon Cake Making (月饼制作),Rice Dumpling Making(粽子制作), Glutinous Rice Ball Making(汤圆制作), Diabolo (空竹) and Chinese New Year Decorations Making (炮竹/红包鱼制作). These hands-on activities are carried out in Mandarin and all students are given the opportunity to participate.

Our MTL Fortnight will be carried out in Term 2 this year, so do watch this space for more exciting updates and photos of the event!

Mtl 2

Our school strongly believes that reading is the basis for all other learning. We believe reading beyond classroom textbooks helps our students to appreciate and learn the language better. We organise structured reading programmes that provide age-appropriate reading materials for the students and reading corners in the school.

Our school-based curriculum (校本计划) focuses mainly on reading. The activity is conducted by teachers who will lead and guide the pupils through the reading of Chinese storybooks. The students will then complete tasks to learn different reading and comprehension skills.

In our continuous efforts to encourage our students to read widely, we are constantly sourcing for creative ways to cultivate in students the habit of reading Chinese books. This year, our Pri 2 to Pri 4 pupils will be using the Dudu Online Chinese Learning System to read Chinese books. This is a self-paced system whereby learning is personalised and tailored to students’
abilities. Its automated reading feature,enable students to read with ease, especially for students who are not confident to read on their own.

For many years, with the help of a group of very enthusiastic mummies, we have been able to carry out the Reading Mums Programme (读读乐,乐乐读). These Reading Mums conduct reading sessions in the school library during the students’ recess time. They read Chinese books to all the students who are interested to listen to them. These Reading Mums also engage our weaker students in the lower primary by reading interesting Chinese storybooks to them on a weekly basis during the curriculum time.

The school organises cultural immersion programme annually. Last year, 34 Primary 5 students were selected to travel to Beijing from 27 May to 2 June 2018. The overseas trip provided the opportunity for the students to learn the Chinese Language through an experiential approach, while being immersed in Chinese culture, arts and history. As part of the programme, our students had the opportunity to attend lessons in a local school where they can interact with the Chinese students in class. This year, the school will be bringing the students to Beijing in June. Watch this space for more exciting updates!

Cultural 1


In order to encourage our students to actively learn the Chinese Language and its culture, the school is organising a Chinese Language Cultural Camp for our Primary 1 pupils in 2018.In this 5-day camp during curriculum time, we immersed the students in an environment that encouraged them to learn and use Chinese language through dramatization, poem recitation and character role-play. We enhanced the students’ verbal language expression, self-confidence and stage presence while providing them with an opportunity to showcase their items to their peers at the end of the camp. We look forward to another enriching and enjoyable experience for our P1 pupils this year.

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