Home Based Learning 2020 [PSLE Marking days]


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our staff will be deployed for PSLE marking from 19 October to 22 October 2020.  

Our teachers have planned HBL lessons to ensure that learning will still take place on these dates for our Primary 1 to 5 students. 

If your child has difficulty in accessing the resources or needs his/her SLS and gmail passwords to be reset, your child may send an email to his/her subject teachers (email can be found in the website). You can also call the school to inform the subject teacher.  

Thank you.


To view the daily lesson plan / timetable, please click on the drop button (arrow up and arrow down) below. 


You will be brought to a google document once you click on the links in the table below. Scroll down the document until you view the bottom of the document. There will be tabs or labels that reflect the date of the planned lesson. Please refer to the correct schedule based on the date that appears at the bottom of the document (tab). 


[English / Mathematics / Science / Physical Education (PE) / Music / Art / Mother Tongue (Chinese and Malay)]

Primary 1 Primary  2 Primary  3 Primary  4 Primary  5
P1.1 P2.1 P3.1 P4.1 P5.1
P1.2 P2.2 P3.2 P4.2 P5.2A
P1.3 P2.3 P3.3 P4.3 P5.2B
P1.4 P2.4 P3.4 P4.4 P5.3
P1.5 P2.5 P3.5 P4.5 P5.4
P1.6 P2.6 P3.6 P4.6 P5.5
P1.7 P2.7 P5.6
P1.8 P2.8 P5.7



Some students may need to access the following platforms to complete their online assignments.Do take note that each student has already been given their username and passwords by their form teachers / co-form teachers. 

Website Website URL Login details
Student Learning Space https://vle.learning.moe.edu.sg Username:
First 5 letters of your Name + last 4 digit and the alphabet of your BC number
Zao Bao https://zbschools.sg/ Username: Same as SLS
Gsuite (to access gmail)  https://gmail.com Username:
First 5 letters of your Name + last 4 digit and the alphabet of your BC number and the domain @kcs.moe.edu.sg 
(example harrym1234g@kcs.moe.edu.sg)
Monsworld https://www.monsworld.com/ Username :
First 5 letters of your Name + last 4 digit and the alphabet of your BC number


Account Login Issues with Home Based Learning (HBL)
If you require support for account login, you can either do one of the following: 

  1. Contact your child’s form teacher 
  2. Submit your request for account support via this link, https://go.gov.sg/kcsicthelpline or scan the QR quote
  3. Contact the school at 62552502
Kcs Helpline