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Kheng Cheng School believes in a strong Home-School-Community based partnership which can be achieved by strategic & sustainable partnerships with our various partners. As such, our objectives are to

  1. Strengthen partnerships with key stakeholders (PSG, SMC, Alumni)
  2. Develop strategic and sustainable partnerships with external organisation


Be Part of the PSG Family

Interested parents whose child/ children is/are currently studying in KCS can sign up by scanning the QR code below.


Photos of Events PSG supported


Key Programmes

We set aside a very special morning for a special group of people – our very PSG@KCS

The event was filled with much fanfare as we had the results for the Mask Design competition unveiled. Mdm Vanessa Ng won with the best design which will be printed on masks and given to PSGs in 2021. There was a quiz to thrill the participants on Singapore and that got many clicking on their mobile phones. The highlight came with the tribute of thanks to the PSG EXCO and PSG members who have contributed much to the school despite not being able to be in school physically. They are certainly precious to us. It is also hard for us to say farewell to14 PSGs who are leaving us as their children step into secondary schools.

As the author, Simon Sinek says :

It is a luxury to put our interests first.

It is an honour to put the interests of others before ourselves.

That is what the PSGs do, they are so busy with their jobs, chores and roles at homes and they have included us at KCS.

Thank you for showing us what it means to say “’others before self”.

On behalf of the teachers and students, we thank you once again for your selfless contributions to all the teachers and students of KCS.

We hope to be able to see you in person and we looking forward to seeing you next year. Keep safe and enjoy the break with the kids! Keep on making good memories because they will stay with them as they grow. Keep encouraging them to try new things and know you will be there for them and finally, asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

We look forward to your partnership in 2021. May we be more adapt to changes and find different ways of doing things with the PSGs, for the PSGs!

Life is beautiful not because of the things we see or the things we do.

Life is beautiful because of the people we meet.

Simon Sinek ( Together is better)



Programme Extensive Reading Programme
Teachers-in-Charge Mrs Winnie Chan
PSG Coordinators Mdm Melody Chow & Mdm Siti
Frequency Starting Term 1 Week 5
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
Time 7:00am – 7:30am
Venue LSP Room, Blk 4 Level 1


Programme Together We Achieve (TWA)
Objectives To help P3 students to be more proficient
in performing the four operations
Teacher Coordinator Mdm Brenda Peh
PSG Coordinator Mdm Melody Chow
Days Starting from Term 1, Week 3
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays
Time 7:00am – 7:25am
Venue Computer Lab 1, Blk 1 Level 4
Topics Term 1 Week 3 – Term 2 Week 5
Addition & Subtraction

Term 2 Week 6 to Term 4
Multiplication & Division

Programme Chinese Reading Programme  读读乐
Objective This Programme aims to expose students to Chinese Language by introducing story-telling, shares book reading and story quizzes.
Teacher Coordinator Mr Cheng Xijie
PSG Coordinator Mdm Magdalene Wong & Mdm Vanessa Ng
Days Commencing in Term 3 2020


School Programmes Supported by PSG in 2020

Department Programme PSG Coordinator Teacher Coordinator Freqency / Days
Mathematics Together We Achieve Mdm Melody Chow Mdm Brenda Peh Start: Term 1 Week 3

Time: 7am – 7:30am

Frequency: 3 times/Week

Days: Tuesday,Wednesday                & Friday

Mother Tongue 读读乐 Mdm Magdalene Wong

Mdm Vanessa Ng

Mr Cheng Xijie Term 3
To be Confirmed
English Extensive Reading Programme Mdm Melody Chow
Mdm Siti
Mrs Winnie Chan Start: Term 1 Week 5

Time: 7am – 7:30am

Frequency: 3 times/Week

Days: Monday,Wednesday                & Friday

PSG Meetings 2020

We hold quarterly meetings to update members of upcoming events and programmes. The meetings are usually held in school on Saturday mornings.

PSG Meetings Dates 2020
Meeting 1 Saturday, 11 January
Meeting 2 Saturday, 4 April
Meeting 3 Saturday, 11 July
Meeting 4 Saturday, 19 September
PSG Appreciation Day Saturday, 7 November
Events in 2018-2019



We are in the midst of reviewing our programmes for 2022. Please stay tuned for updates.