Parents Support Group

Psg Exco

Approach / Framework / Philosophy

One of the school’s strategic thrust is on strengthening partnerships which reinforces that collaboration with various partners is an important aspect of the school’s existence within our community.

We deeply believe in a strong Home-School-Community based partnership. The committee will work on the three domains of action: Teaching and Learning, Community Engagement and Values in Action. Actions which are student-focused to actualise the school’s vision to develop a dynamic community of compassionate leaders and critical thinkers.

Key Programmes

Programme Extensive Reading Programme
Teachers-in-Charge Mrs Winnie Chan
PSG Coordinators Mdm Melody Chow & Mdm Siti
Frequency Starting Term 1 Week 5
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
Time 7:00am – 7:30am
Venue LSP Room, Blk 4 Level 1


Programme Together We Achieve (TWA)
Objectives To help P3 students to be more proficient
in performing the four operations
Teacher Coordinator Mdm Brenda Peh
PSG Coordinator Mdm Melody Chow
Days Starting from Term 1, Week 3
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays
Time 7:00am – 7:25am
Venue Computer Lab 1, Blk 1 Level 4
Topics Term 1 Week 3 – Term 2 Week 5
Addition & Subtraction

Term 2 Week 6 to Term 4
Multiplication & Division

Programme Chinese Reading Programme  读读乐
Objective This Programme aims to expose students to Chinese Language by introducing story-telling, shares book reading and story quizzes.
Teacher Coordinator Mr Cheng Xijie
PSG Coordinator Mdm Magdalene Wong & Mdm Vanessa Ng
Days Commencing in Term 3 2020

School Programmes Supported by PSG in 2020

Department Programme PSG Coordinator Teacher Coordinator Freqency / Days
Mathematics Together We Achieve Mdm Melody Chow Mdm Brenda Peh Start: Term 1 Week 3

Time: 7am – 7:30am

Frequency: 3 times/Week

Days: Tuesday,Wednesday                & Friday

Mother Tongue 读读乐 Mdm Magdalene Wong

Mdm Vanessa Ng

Mr Cheng Xijie Term 3
To be Confirmed
English Extensive Reading Programme Mdm Melody Chow
Mdm Siti
Mrs Winnie Chan Start: Term 1 Week 5

Time: 7am – 7:30am

Frequency: 3 times/Week

Days: Monday,Wednesday                & Friday

PSG Meetings 2020

We hold quarterly meetings to update members of upcoming events and programmes. The meetings are usually held in school on Saturday mornings.

PSG Meetings Dates 2020
Meeting 1 Saturday, 11 January
Meeting 2 Saturday, 4 April
Meeting 3 Saturday, 11 July
Meeting 4 Saturday, 19 September
PSG Appreciation Day Saturday, 7 November
Events in 2018-2019