Letters of Appreciation

Dear Mdm Sarah Leong,

My spouse and myself would like to compliment Ms. Koh Yuan Ting, who was the form teacher of my son, Ying Shou Zheng Derion in class 6.4 in 2020 and  class 5.4 in 2019.

Ms. Koh deserves praise and recognition for her strong dedication and stands out  for her hard work, and calming and positive influence in motivating Derion to strive in his studies.

Particularly during the circuit breaker, Ms.Koh never fails in responding almost immediately to the emails and sms sent to her on questions regarding Derion’s studies, even during the weekends and late at night. We greatly appreciate her effort in easing our anxiety over the PSLE. Derion always sings praises of Ms. Koh and shares with us how he has enjoyed his experiential learning journey at Kheng Cheng.

Ms. Koh is  a living example that one need not enroll in the branded schools to receive the best in education.


Clarence Ying

(Father of Derion Ying)

Dear Mdm Sarah Leong,

We are the parents of Ilyas from P6.2A, Class of 2019.  Our son is a special needs individual and we feel blessed to have his primary school journey with Kheng Cheng School.  The teachers who had taught our son from P1 up to P6 are truly remarkable.

We would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation to the following teachers for their priceless efforts, understanding, support, guidance and contribution towards our son’s progress. They are, Mrs Winnie Chan, Mdm Chang Siew Chian, Mr Edward Wong (former VP), Ms Leong Tim Tim, Mdm Lily Suriani Tan, Mrs Sharon Choo, Mrs Zuraidah Mano and Mdm Brenda Peh.

They have absolutely given a lifetime impact to our son.  He had personally shared with us his admiration and appreciation of these teachers (as he is socially challenged, he is unable to express himself to them personally). Their dedication and patience had enabled our son to receive positive educational experiences throughout his primary school journey with KCS.  These teachers are an epitome of promoting inclusivity in education.

We are sincerely thankful to the school’s management for giving a supportive platform for these teachers to excel in making a difference to our son’s academic and holistic education.  Once again, thank you Kheng Cheng School and God bless.

Yours sincerely,
Hairul Azmi & May Er

Dear Mdm Leong,

We are parents of student Shi Zhanxiang from class P6.6 this year. We would like to sincerely thank you and Jack for admission Zhanxiang to Kheng Cheng school in 2016 and not let him downgrade. We really appreciate it, it was the most tough period for us and Zhanxiang.

It’s an amazing learning journey for the past 3 years in Kheng Cheng for Zhanxiang, he was so lucky to be in Mrs Choo’s class in P4 because Mrs Choo gave a lot of care to him to adapt to the new environment, in addition, Mrs Choo also brushed up his English and other subject so that Zhanxiang could achieve an achievement award in 2017. Zhanxiang was so encouraged and inspired from that time.

In P5 and P6, Zhanxiang was also very lucky to have Mrs Ong and Miss Yu  to help him to go extra mile and achieved score 254 this year for his PSLE result. This year, I together with my husband went to look for Mrs Ong and Miss Yu’s help several times to discuss about the development plan for Zhanxiang and they were always so kind and supportive with their dedications.  We really appreciate it!!

We will miss all of the teachers in Kheng Cheng and wish Kheng Cheng School all the best! Zhanxiang has also registered the alumni of Kheng Cheng and hope he can be connected with Kheng Cheng as always and contribute his efforts whenever Kheng Cheng needs.

Parent of Zhanxiang

Name of MOE staff: Mdm Sri Marlina


My son was having a hard time adjusting to a new environment in the beginning of his P1 journey. Mdm Sri was a great help. Her endless encouragement to boost up his self esteem made him love her class. She has a great way in tackling every student to do their best in everything they do. And she never failed to update parents regarding the children’s well being, curriculum and achievement.

Name of MOE staff : Melvin Chang & Alicia Chua

School: Kheng Cheng Primary School


I would like to thank both teachers for their effort and dedications to the pupils they taught. Both have been with my daughter since P3, they are professional and show great dedication and passion in their job. They even created WhatsApp chat group to encourage kids to share knowledge. I can always reach them when I need to talk about my daughter. There are also many teachers who taught my gal whom impress me with their professionalism and their love for their kids under their charge.

The staff at the school are commendable in their dedication for pupils’ welfare too. E.g, the teachers will usher during rainy days, and stand watch at major crossing before school.

I always feel blessed as a parent with my child being educated at this school.

Dear Mdm Leong and Mdm Goh,

We’d like to express our gratitude to you and your team for organizing the Beijing Imersion Trip for the P5 pupils. There are a lot of hard work and commitment to make it happen and I am sure the kids get to learn more about themselves and their culture.

Today, we saw Lok Yi picked up a Chinese book that she brought from Beijing and read it with her e-dictionary. This is the first time she did it in her whole life! She has never liked to read Chinese books, let alone picking it up and reading it by herself. She also tidied up her suitcase and her desk by herself.

Your hard work has been paid off and thank you once again.

Happy holiday!

Mr and Mrs Chua

Dear Madam Leong

I am the parent of Chan Yu Zhen in class 2.4, and would like
to comment Mrs Winnie Chan for her passion in teaching and dedication to

Mrs Chan has taught my child for two years, and I have
always found her to be a caring and committed teacher who puts in great efforts
to make the best of students’ potential. She adopts innovative methods of
teaching to help her students to grasp and understand the subjects’ concept
better, and more importantly, makes the learning process fun and interesting.
My child enjoyed being taught by Mrs Chan, and always shares her positive
experiences at school. As a parent, I am heartened to see my child being guided
and nurtured with positive dispositions towards learning.

Mrs Chan also makes an effort to reach out to parents and
work closely with them to ensure their children’s well-being at school. She
believes in building a strong teacher-parent relationship in our child’s
learning journey. Despite her busy schedule, she will find time to inform me of
my child progress and discuss issues related to the problems and challenges
faced by my child in school. I am very grateful to her for the time and care
she has given to my child – my daughter was motivated to do her best because of
Mrs Chan’s constant encouragement and support. Also, I would also like to
express my appreciation to Mrs Chan who has shared her wisdom and knowledge in
establishing the foundation of my child’s education.

I congratulate you for having such a passionate and
dedicated teacher in your team, which I believe, will help prepare students at
Kheng Cheng Primary School to become responsible individuals, and reach greater
heights on the academic front. Please convey my heartfelt thanks to Mrs Chan
for the outstanding work she is doing.

Thank you so much, Mrs Chan!


Dear Ms Santi & Ms Goh,
I would like to express my gratitude to Kheng Cheng School for the quality of Math programme offered at KCS.First of all, let me preface this by saying that my compliment is unsolicited. This is a honest compliment. My heartiest THANK YOU goes out to Ms Santi (P2.3) for guiding my daughter in the last 1.5 year. An example was a few days ago when my daughter noticed a bag of stamps in my
kitchen, consisting of 2 booklets of 1st class local stamp and 2 individual stamps.  She knew I paid $10 by recalling my conversation with the cashier a the post office.   Without being asked, she calculated in her head the following:
1. $10 – (2 stamps of $2) = $6 for the remaining 2 booklets of stamps
2. $6 divided by 2 booklets means $3 per booklet. Another time, she asked me to test her on her 200 multiplication (I believe she wasn’t taught this yet) which she learned by observing Mathematical patterns. I am impressed with her ability to apply Math to everyday things on her own. I am impressed how she is able to build models in her head and teach herself new concepts. I am impressed she finds Mathematics fun, instead of dreary and frightening. All these contradicts with my own Math experiences during my childhood, where I excelled in Math but understood little by way of application to real-life situations.All credits go to Ms Santi and Kheng Cheng School (and MOE) for inculcating a solid
Mathematics foundation to the students.  
My daughter receives no external tuition and very minimal Math guidance from her parents.  Hope it continues this way till P6.Keep up the good work!

Best Regards,

Mrs Tan
(Lyra’s Mum)

A big THANK YOU! to Kheng Cheng School
Dear Mdm Sarah Leong,
Thank you so much for allowing us to use Kheng Cheng School for our Education Merit Awards Presentation Ceremony held last weekend on 14 April 2018.
Please find attached a Thank You letter from my Toa Payoh Central Zone 3 RC Chairperson, Mdm Ng Bee Luan, PBM for your kind attention.
Do feel free to approach us should the school wishes to have any form of meaningful collaboration.
Thank you once again!
Warmest Regards,
Ler Mei Qi
(People’s Association) Deputy Constituency Director | Toa Payoh Central Constituency Office
Dear Mdm Leong,
Time flies and another year almost ending. Our daughter – Bay Wei Zhen is now in  P3.4 under the good hands of Ms Chua. Today is Teacher Day and we wish all teachers in KCS a very HAPPY Teacher Day!!!
Especially, we would like to thank the following teachers whom Wei Zhen is with this year:
1. Ms Alisa Chua.  Thanks Ms Chua for caring and grooming Wei Zhen in the academic as well as social developments. With Ms Chua’s interactive & play approach, Wei Zhen had overcome her fear of time tables and became more motivated to learn her mathematics.  Wei Zhen also enjoyed the Science class very much and told us that Ms Chua made the learning enjoyable and always allowed free participation during the class. She was so motivated that she volunteered to be the Science Monitor.  We also appreciate Ms Chua’s close attention to Wei Zhen’s social behaviour and encouraging her to join her classmates during recess instead of eating alone.
2. Cui Min Lao Shi. Wei Zhen enjoyed the chinese classes very much and told us that her Lao Shi always make the chinese lessons fun and interesting.  We also like to thank Cui Min Lao Shi for encouraging and supporting Wei Zhen in the chinese studies especially the chinese composition where Cui Min Lao Shi will mark and correct those extra compositions written by Wei Zhen during her free time, in addition to her school composition.  We like to thank Cui Min Lao Shi for guiding and providing constructive feedback which spurs Wei Zhen’s interests in doing more in Chinese as she enjoys it.
3. Mr Mathew Chan.  We thanked Mr Chan for his guidance/advice and continuous support to groom Wei Zhen’s interest & development in yang qin.  We thanked him for accommodating to the basic training requirements of Wei Zhen’s yang qin training at NAFA.
Lastly, we like to thank you and the school for the school events(Parent symposium, etc) as well as special considerations like snack time after recess for the children when the school regular hours will be extended next year.
Thank you ALL!
Best Regards
Tricia and Mark Parents of Bay Wei Zhen (P3.4)
Dear Principal Sir/Madam

Today I had lunch with my colleague at the hawker center in Lorong 1 – we met a bunch of your school students who were trying to encourage diners to bring their trays back to the tray station…I want to let you know that we felt it was such a meaningful project and I applaud the kids for their bravery to approach diners.

I would normally return my tray and with this reminder I would also ask my colleagues to do so as I can tell them I promised your school’s students I will do so.

Thank you for reminding us to be civil minded and letting your sweet and delightful kids remind us – our lunch became very sweet because of the encounter with your students.

Jessica Tan
Marketing Lead, Population Health Management, ASEAN & Pacific

Dear Mdm Leong,

On behalf of the PEAK RC Grassroot Leaders and CNY organising committee, we would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to the school for putting up the wonderful performances from Chinese Orchestra, Lion Dance and Choir. Our residents, GRLs, invited guests and Advisor Mr Chee were most impressed and won over by the students’ high level of performances.  We would also like to express our thanks to the teachers, especially the music coordinator Mr Matthew Chan for taking time to coordinate with us on the whole performances and ensuring the smooth implementation of the whole programme. Thank you for also taking time from your busy schedule to grace our occasion.

We hope that your students had also enjoyed the festive occasion as well and we certainly hope to have more meaningful partnership and outreach with the school as a community partner. Once again, we thank the school, teachers and students for taking time out from their precious Saturday morning to perform for our residents.

Thank you and have a wonderful year ahead!

Warm regards,
Charlie Chew
Chairman, The PEAK RC

Feedback for P1 Parents’ Engagement Session

This was a very helpful session. The commitment to allay parents’ concerns shows the school’s commitment to my boy’s well-being. I have observed a strong camaraderie and team spirit amongst the staff and it demonstrates the school’s resolve to work as one to nurture the students. We have made a good choice in choosing KCS and I look forward to partnering the school to nurture my boys.
Dear Madam Leong,

I wish to thank you, teachers and all non-teaching staff of Kheng Cheng School for the care and education my two daughters, Heidi and Heiga, had received throughout their primary school days. In terms of academics, my girls would not have had done as well without the principal’s leadership and the ceaseless, painstaking efforts of their hardworking teachers. Without tuition, my girls had to count mainly on their teachers to achieve their academic goals. Very importantly too, my children were able to blossom in their CCAs under the guidance and motivation of their CCA teachers from Chinese Orchestra, Dance, and Track-&-Field.

While I cannot ever thank all teachers enough, special mention goes to Mrs Caryn Ong (who was form teacher to Heidi and Heiga for one and four years respectively). Mrs Caryn Ong is always compassionate, understanding, motivational and non-judgmental. She is firm, and yet she looks beyond the slips and mistakes of her students to encourage them to be better persons. As a parent, I am truly grateful.

Special thanks too to:

*Mr Hakim who is gifted with a special touch to lighten up the hearts and minds of students, in nurturing their interest and potential in non-academic pursuits, and for his motivational influence in Chinese Orchestra.

*Miss Su Yen Leng (Heidi’s form teacher, P5-P6) for her good-naturedness and effective teaching,

*Ms Toh Xiao Ying (Chinese Orchestra) for her great sense of responsibility and for going the extra mile to care for the emotional well-being of students,

*Mr Matthew Chan for his infectious humour which students need and greatly appreciate, and for his tireless efforts in Chinese Orchestra.

*Miss Chen Chen for always being kind and encouraging, and instilling self-belief in her students,

*Miss Teo Yee Leng for her gentle, approachable ways, and her sensitivity to the psychological well-being of students,

*Miss Kula for always being compassionate, patient and helpful, and for encouraging Heiga to join the Junior Sports Academy,

*Mrs Shona Teo who taught Heidi in P1 and P2, and yet remains very much appreciated till today,

*Mrs Ho Sin Peng who made learning fun and engaging for Heiga in P1 & P2,

*Ms Amirah for her patience and kindness,    *Ms Dixie Tan for her fun and caring ways,

*Mr Raj for inculcating discipline and good behaviour in school and on the running track,

*Ms Evelyn Tan, PE teacher and former Track-&-Field coach, whose motivational chats Heiga enjoyed and is grateful for,

*AND ALL OTHER TEACHERS who had taught and influenced Heidi and Heiga in one way or another.

I would also like to highlight that the Track-&-Field team is fortunate to have Miss Alisa Chua and Miss Grace Wong. While many schools have external coaches who help to bring in the medals and glory, Miss Chua and Miss Wong had to make do with very limited resources to build the team from near scratch. I witnessed their training sessions, the difficulties, and I saw how the team had transformed and risen in ranks at the National Schools meet over the past 3 years. This is no easy feat in Track-&-Field, Miss Chua and Miss Wong also instill self-belief in their young athletes and teach them that values and sportsmanship are more important than medals.

Now that my younger child has also graduated from KCS, I feel that I cannot simply walk away without expressing my gratitude as a parent. Thank you for allowing me to do so today.    In addition, I feel strongly that academics and CCAs are equally important. Given the stressful emphasis on the paper chase in Singapore, CCAs can be instrumental in moulding the character of students and equipping them with important values to cope with many challenges in life.

My daughters are now in Cedar Girls Secondary School (Heiga in Sec 1, Heidi in Sec 3, 2017). We are grateful for the KCS journey that had taken them to where they are now.

Yours sincerely,

Kwok Yonnie
Mother of Chua Xuan Hui Heidi and Chua Zhen Hui Heiga
December 2016

Dear Mdm Leong

We are writing to share how glad we are to watch our boy blossom over the years while he is with Kheng Cheng School (KCS).

2.     Our boy – Tze Xun Brandon joined KCS in 2013.  And through these years, we are indeed very fortunate to have dedicated educators nurturing and guiding him, both in the academic pursuits as well as the overall character development. Whilst academic performance is definitely one of the yardsticks a student is measured (and in turn how a school’s programmes is perceived), in our opinion, the character development activities the students are put through and an overall conducive school learning environment provided are no less important, if not more important. On the latter, we are rather confident to say that Tze Xun is in good hands. Besides being able to participant in activities and competitions such as Chess Tournaments, Scrabble Competitions, Moo-O Awards and others as well as being appointed as a school prefect, what also led us to conclude that Tze Xun is in good hands is that he never failed to share with us some of the happenings in his daily school life – outright funny hilarious incidents, learning experiences and challenges, new adventures and some of his antics and fun he had with his schoolmates. He truly enjoys school!

3.     We could not agree more with what was written on the couplet hung in the School Hall – 十年树木,百年树人, shaping the boy into a happy, learned and confident man with a good heart is a lifelong process. The family forms the basis and foundation of all things being built, and the school and teachers play an important function too, especially in the formatives years.

4.    The efforts and guidance from the dedicated teachers whom he had over the years – Ms Alisa Chua, Mdm Kalpana, 于老師, Mdm Shona Lim (who have since left the KCS), 蓝老師, Ms Kula, Mdm Lily Tan, Mr Alex Tan and Mr Ahmad played an indisputable role in having a positive impact on Tze Xun.

5.    From the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you and look forward to working together in shaping the boy into a man who could contribute to the society positively.

Yours faithfully
Kok Shing and Kar Yee
Parents of Neo Tze Xun Brandon of P4.3


Hi Principal, Vice Principals, Teachers and Staff,

The academic year 2016 is finally coming to an end. It is with mixed feelings as I recall the events during the year. The year is not a walk in the park for my son but I am still glad we have some truly caring and understanding school leaders, teachers and staff to walk the path with my son.

During the year, I have spoken to Mr Chionh several times regarding my son. I might have come across as a parent with a maternal hormones overrun, but never once did I feel being put down. Mr Chionh, I have noticed, is always among the teachers and staff managing the traffic on rainy days. Thank you, Mr Chionh and the team, your presence help in ensuring the safety of the students during rainy days.

I had never seen my primary school music teacher playing any musical instruments except the Triangle and the recorder. Time has changed. I am impressed to know that Mr Matthew Chan is a multi-instrumentalist who is not just passionate about music but also in developing his students. Thank you Mr Chan, for encouraging Isaac to join the Chinese Orchestra(CO). Through Mr Chan, I get to know that Isaac is progressing well with the cello and enjoys the guidance of his cello instructor. While I celebrate the chemistry he has with the cello and his instructor, it is something else that warms my heart. The sparkle in my child’s eyes is obvious, as he shares about how he gets to help the teachers and the interaction with fellow cellist seniors. The joy of fitting in and being a helpful hand are what I notice as he chatters on his CO sessions.

Thank you, Mdm Toh (Xiao Ying), for being an effective teacher. Mdm Toh not just teaches what is in the textbooks. Her lessons also cover relevant stuff which may not be included in the P2 syllabus. Under Mdm Toh’s guidance and teaching, I see improvements in Isaac’s mastery of Chinese as a subject. Throughout the two years, her comment about Isaac is always positive and encouraging. Thank you for having faith in my son.

Two academic years on, I am still thankful that Isaac is with Kheng Cheng School. We cannot ask for more.

Thank you,
Isaac’s Mummy.

Dear Mdm Leong,

We are parents of Lee Yee Sinn from P2.1. We understand that Mdm Diana Koh is leaving the school and we would like to compliment her for the hard work and dedication this year. Please help us convey our compliments in whichever fashion you deem appropriate.

Through our interactions, we can see that Mdm Koh looks beyond the academics in nurturing the child. She has guided Yee Sinn in how she should carry herself and how she should interact with others. Yee Sinn was often reminded to watch her tendency to display her displeasures openly, and guided to be tolerant and patient with the slower classmates. We appreciate her advice in choosing a suitable CCA for Yee Sinn – indeed being part of a team will be a valuable experience. Academically, Yee Sinn has learnt to be tidier and more careful with her work. We also learnt that teaching a child how to check her work is not such a straightforward task.

Mdm Koh’s balanced approach to academic excellence is very much in congruence with our expectations for Yee Sinn. We have always wanted our children to enjoy the learning process. And so far, with Yee Sinn, we are feeling rather successful. It was a surprise to us when she received the Academic Award on the last day of school last year. And not being there this year has offered many valuable lessons for her, like learning to be humble and accept not being the best, and continuing to put in the effort despite knowing the top spots could be beyond her. Mdm Koh helped push Yee Sinn on without putting unnecessary pressure on her. It is perhaps unfortunate that parents do not always see this in the same light.

We would like to thank Mdm Koh for the hard work she has put in, nurturing and guiding Yee Sinn through this year. We see Yee Sinn grow in her care. It is no easy task working with such a large diverse class.

We believe that as parents of a child in your school, we should do what we can to bring out the best in the teachers. It is a pity that we often remain silent until an occasion such as this.

We are sad to see Mdm Koh go but glad that she is still in the service. We are sure that she will continue to nurture and guide many more children like she did with Yee Sinn.

We wish Mdm Koh all the best in her next posting.Thanks.

May you be happy and well!

B.A. & Hui Chang

Dear Mr Chionh,
Many thanks to you, your colleagues and your students for hosting a wonderful school visit this morning!  The Bruneian Permanent Secretary (Core Education) and her delegation shared with us that they thoroughly enjoyed the warm hospitality and inspiring interactions with the staff and students of Kheng Cheng School.  We greatly appreciate all the time and effort put in to ensure a successful school visit, and wish you all the very best as you celebrate 89 years of school heritage this year and your 90th Anniversary next year!!
Best regards,
Ms Stella Yu
Senior Officer, International Relations, Planning Division
I am writing to express gratitude to the school and a Chinese teacher of Kheng Cheng School. Ms Joyce Chan Hwee Jin ( 曾老师 ) is a very dedicated ad passionate teacher. She takes the time and extra effort to keep busy parents like me,updates on the progress of the class. Who says neighbourhood school has no great teachers? Keep up the great work and keep going. We need teacher like you to mould our future generations.  
Ms Belinda Lim
Hi Principal, Vice Principals, teachers and the EAS team,

Thank you for a very well done concert, Viva La Musica. We enjoyed the performance. I believe the performers have built up a stronger bond with each other. Thank you to the unsung heroes behind the scene, teachers and all. How can all this be possible without each and everyone of you?  Thank you for letting the P1s and P2s be involved. My son, Isaac Lee from P2.1, will have great memories to look back upon when he grow up.

Thank you.

Isaac’s mummy.

I attended Kheng Cheng Primary School VIVA LA MUSICAL concert yesterday at ACS Barker road. I am impressed with the standard and the success of the concert. My son Jayden Lee Yew Ming is in Kheng Cheng Primary School, Class 2.8 (Primary 2). I must said that MOE has done a great job to raise the standard of the neighbourhood school. I have never regret sending my son to Kheng Cheng Primary School. I see responsible teacher as well as good coordination for the whole concert. Most importantly, the performance by all the students have created a harmonious feeling among our different races in Singapore. We have Malay student performing in the Chinese Orchestra. We have Chinese performing in the tradition Indonesia Angling played by chinese student too. The various dance that created so much fun for the night. Well done Kheng Cheng Primary! Kudos to the principal, teachers, staff and student!




Mr Freddy Lee


Dear Mdm Leong,

Its Parent-Teachers Meeting again in the later part of this month, time really flies!

Before the meeting, we would like to thank Mdm Diana Koh and Mdm Toh for taking good care of our daughter(Bay Wei Zhen) as well as inculcating the virtue and good behaviour in her at P2.1

Wei Zhen used to give-up on a task if she dislikes or she finds it too difficult. She had the tendency of not putting her maximum efforts in her work. However, under Mdm Koh’s disciplinary & inspiring approach in P2.1, Wei Zhen is now more disciplined and had put in more efforts in her work eg. scoring full marks in her tests and coming home sharing with us what she did well during class. For the coming Viva la Musica, Wei Zhen was initially frustrated and almost gave up her dancing roles; but with Mdm Koh’s patience and encouragement, she had now mastered her dancing steps and looking forward to the dance costumes she will be wearing.

We thank Mdm Koh for her attention and care for our girl’s development in school and we hope she continues her disciplinary & inspiring approach which has helped our girl to be more discipline, more confident as well as bringing the best out of her.

As for Chinese, we noted that Wei Zhen has shown more interest in Chinese and also progressed quite well in her tests. We like to thank Mdm Toh for her firmness as well as encouragement to our girl in learning Chinese.

Lastly, we would also like to thank the school for organising Teacher briefings, Parent Symposiums and the Musica.

Thank you for everything.

Best Regards
Mark and Tricia
Parents of Bay Wei Zhen – P2.1

Dear Mdm Leong,

We would like to pay our compliments to Mdm Norbaini (form teacher of 2.8) for her prompt follow-up with an incident of offensive remarks made by a student and her way of managing the situation. The student had since apologised and even made an apology card (under the instruction from Mdm Norbaini). We were very pleased with the student’s sincerity and the teacher’s efforts. The outcome certainly aligned very well with the school’s core values.

Thank you and have a great weekend!


Dear Ms Su & Mdm Arita,

Thank you for your kind appreciation note. We are grateful indeed for being given this golden opportunity to assist in last Friday’s (3/11) P4 Internationalization Trip. We definitely enjoyed this meaningful event very much although the weather was super-duper hot! I am very proud of our KCS Students for being so lovely & co-operative. Apparently, the hot scorching sun did not deter them to enjoy the trip to their fullest! I really enjoyed their sweet, innocent & fun-loving companion. Upon returning to the School safely, I also noticed the sweet camaraderie gestures of the staff whom did not accompany us for the trip. Apparently they quickly lend their readily helping hands to distribute the drinks, batik drawings, etc to the students & their colleagues.

Special thanks to Mrs Anthony & the staff whom had prepared the welcoming cold coca-cola drinks for the thirsty staffs & parent volunteers.. the thirst life-saviour of the day! Also our usual dear Mrs Choo’s welcoming & comforting look of seeing everyone back to school safely. Thank you once again for giving us this opportunity to lend a helping to the school.

Cheers & Have a nice day!

Thanks & Best Regards
Julia Lim 😉

Hi Ms Goh

Hope you are well.

We are very happy to inform you of Shao Xuan’s ‘A’ levels results.

He received 8 straight As. Including H3 physics.

Please share this good news with all his teachers. Including those who have left KCS.

And we are very thankful to you and the school for the support you gave him during those 6 precious years.

Kheng Cheng has indeed contributed tremendously to the moulding of his character as well as his leadership skills.

Best Regards,
Mae Lee (Mrs Seah)
Mother of Seah Shao Xuan

Dear Mdm Leong,

Recently, your school teacher planned and conducted a Teacher-led Workshop (TLW) titled “Using the Orff Pedagogy in Primary Music Classrooms” on Thursday, 18 Feb 2016 at the Academy of Singapore Teachers. He is:

Mr Abdul Hakim Bin Mohd Udori

It was indeed an engaging and meaningful session which benefitted the participants. We would like to thank him for sharing the good practices with fellow teachers in the fraternity.

At the end of Semester 1, you will be receiving a collated participants’ feedback on his workshop and Certificate of Appreciation. We kindly request you to share the feedback with your teacher and present the certificate at an appropriate platform that acknowledges your teacher’s TLW contribution.

Moving forward, we hope to collaborate with your teachers at future Teacher-led Workshops to enhance professional development for the fraternity.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
V.Sivakumar (Mr)
Deputy Director 3, Professional Development, Academy of Singapore Teachers

Hi Principal ,

VP, Teachers & Staff
Of Kheng Cheng Primary School,

We will like to thank all for providing a conducive & comfortable learning environment for our son. Your lovely and wonderful teachers are truly dedicated ones. The short learning experience for the immersion program for our son Khairul of class 5.5 (yr2015) had been an enjoyable one. Our son had no difficulty adapting or felt inferior towards other children nor did he lag behind his subjects. We sincerely applaud KCS and the staffs for that.

Special thanks to Mrs. Caryn Ong, form teacher of class5.5 for the relentless dedication and patience in nurturing our son during the immersion program. He had been joyful from day 1 of the program. We believe your passion, professionalism in nurturing the children are the key factor of him being enthusiastic in school.

Also like to thank Miss Khatijah – for mother tongue subject. Now that he can speak and write better in the subject.

And also thanks to Mr. Rafi – PE teacher. He did won a medal for badminton.

Thanks Again KCS.

Yousman & Hamidah
Parents of Khairul Anwar
(Of Class 5.5 from July~Nov 2015)

Hi Principal, Vice Principals, Teachers and Admin team,

The academic year 2015 has come to an end and I would like to thank the team behind Kheng Cheng School for a wonderful year for my son, Isaac Lee from class 1.1.

Under the guidance of the teachers and staff, my son has matured and learned much during his first year with the school. Special mention goes to Mdm Sri being the form teacher for Isaac’s class who listens without prejudice, understands without judging, sincerely wanting to know the child under her charge and is open to parents’ suggestions and opinions. I can only wish that Isaac continues to meet teachers who are as warm and understanding to him as Mdm Sri.

Dear Mdm Ong,

My family and I are grateful for your concern for Audrey. She only sustained superficial injury and she is a happy girl now. We have even given her the green light to play ‘catching’ at the open field; the children love it.

On top of this, we would like to extend our appreciation to four kind angels (of P1.8) who came to Audrey’s rescue when she fell. Appreciate it if you could relay our appreciations to the parents of the following angels:

Glenn (for offering a plaster and helping Audrey back to class)
Jaelyn (for helping Audrey back to class)
Faith (for assisting to take Audrey’s belongings back to class)
Ze Kai (for taking the initiative to inform the teacher immediately)

Thank you. 🙂

cc Mdm Leong, though these children are the youngest ones in school, they demonstrated kindness in their action and we are touched by them. I hope their act of kindness would bring a wide smile to the school’s values before it closes for the year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

PS: The children love the school field very much.

Irene Loong

We would like to thank the school for hosting the MOE GEP selection exercise. OM Mr Lee and his team (including Mr Leow Hung Tong, Mr Ong Boon Hoe, Mr Tan Kiew Teck, Ms Lee Quee Lian and Mdm Lum Cheng) have put in a lot of effort to assist us in setting up the venue as well as manage the volume and flow of traffic. We are impressed with their professionalism. The staff are always cheerful, helpful and prompt in giving their support, from planning stage till execution. We appreciate Mr Lee’s leadership and his efficiency in leading his team and acceding to our requests to ensure the well-being of children taking the GEP test at Kheng Cheng Primary. He helped to arrange for the use of air purifiers in all the exam rooms, set up air-conditioned standby rooms for sick children, prepared masks, thermometers, and first-aid kits. Mr Lee also demonstrated a lot of initiative in deploying the traffic marshals to assist in crowd control at the canteen, and he even kept his notes from previous test administration exercises to ensure that he did not miss out anything in preparation.

Ms Ma (CCO)


I am very thankful towards my daughter, Joelle previous form teacher (Class 1.6) Mrs Jessica Pang from Kheng Cheng School. She is teaching my girl Mathematics and Arts. She is a very dedicated, caring and thoughtful teacher. I greatly appreciate her encouragement, kindness and patience towards my girl. Other than writing inspiration notes to my girl, she even goes extra miles by calling and updating me on her progress with photos of her settling down in class and helping my girls to photocopy her Chinese Spelling List. She is really awesome. Thank you, Mrs Pang.

Also thank you to her new Form Teacher, Miss Santi. Greatly appreciate her patience and encouragement towards her as well.

I wish both of them Happy Teachers’ Day and do hope they have a nice break!

– Margaret

Hi Mrs Gin Chan,

Thank you for the update on Edsel’s development in school. We are very fortunate that Edsel has you as his form teacher. We believe your care and concern has touched Edsel, though he does not say. He views you in high regard and trusts you. And it’s not just Edsel. Understand from the mothers of Edsel’s classmates that you are involved and gave timely updates of their children too. I am amazed with your commitment and dedication to your students.

With this, I would like to put in appreciation record on what you have done with Edsel in these 2 years. If not for you and your encouragement, we would not have achieved these improvements with Edsel, especially on his behaviour and we are grateful for this. Thank you, Mrs Chan!

Mrs Mavis Ong

Dear Ms Leong,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and many thanks towards the School, Teachers and Upper Primary students who arranged and participated in the Morning English Reading Programme.
This is a very good programme and I really felt it had benefited my son Glenn Tan P3.5 who was shortlisted to attend it earlier this year. Even though i have to send him very early morning to school every Monday Wednesday Friday but I felt all of it is really worthwhile when I listened to him practice reading with me for recent oral tests.
His fluency, proficiency and confidence improved. His reading is a lot better and lesser long pauses between words. I am really glad he was in this programme and wishes to express my deepest gratitude to all the teachers on duty and senior kids who helped my kid improve his reading skills. They really did a fantastic job and thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely
Angeline Ho

To: Mdm Ong

A piece of good news to share. We have observed that Audrey has overcome her anxiety and she is more cheerful now. Thank you for the strong support and understanding. Mdm Wu, thanks for your understanding too. My husband and I would also like to extend our appreciation to your school counsellor, Ms Rachel Chung for her alertness. During one of the school days (second week of school) when our daughter cried at the school’s front gate, she activated a prefect to comfort our daughter. Kudos to your strong team in helping the little stars to adjust well to the school’s environment.

Irene Loong

To: Mrs Anthony,

I am Sean and Neal Mom, just to drop a note to say thank you. Both the boys told me that the school had provided them happy learning and never regret to come back to Singapore to continue their education. They both acquired the PAP (Passion, Attitude and Perseverance) from Kheng Cheng School that we had been telling them, and only finally get it when they meet all the challenge here.

Last year, Mdm Peh and Mrs Mano helped my boys to adapt to the life/ culture of Kheng Cheng and Singapore as we are away for six years. So are the pupils of Kheng Cheng! Especially Neal, he adapt instantly on the first day and love Kheng Cheng. Sean took 2 weeks to adapt to the environment. If anybody ask them, do you want to return to USA for education, the answer will definitely negative.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts to you and Mrs. Mano, whom have given Sean a chance to be a prefect as this really helps him to grow. Today, Neal told me that you suggested that he became a prefect and give the pledge on stage. He also told me that he loves to be a prefect but not going on stage as he is shy. He also asked me how to overcome the nervousness. I told him that Mdm Peh had trained you to be a Monitor and a Heartlander Ambassador. In addition, your Cristofori Music teacher had trained you to go for the recital and the coming piano competition. Just do the Nike way — Just do It! In a nutshell, I really appreciate that you have given him this chance; and his reply is he is shy. Anyway, this is always his answer whenever he is ask to do something that require “publicity”. As he is a boy that listen to teacher, he never gets his way since USA till now. Last year, I informed Mdm Peh, and this year I also brought this up to Miss Teo that if she wants him to do anything or achieve any result, just tell him. He will deliver what the teacher request, just like the Music Recital, he is shy but when he is into it, he told me that he wants to go for the recital again.

I thank you again for all the wonderful effort and opportunities that you and school had provided them.

With Kind Regards, Han Tiew Sian