KCS celebrated Children’s Day!

KCS celebrated Children’s Day!

This year’s Children’s Day Celebrations at KCS has been extraordinary. The theme for this year’s celebrations was “I’m Extraordinary”. There was no mass participation or out-of-school activities due to the Covid-19 situation. However, this did not deter us from bringing joy to the students. The activities were held in their respective classes instead.

The Children’s Day Committee came together to create an E-concert with well-wishes from teachers and PSGs. Students were featured displaying positive traits such as being helpful, showing care and sincerity towards one another. There was a host of activities such as class parties, games as well as movie screening. The Art and Music Department also came up with a virtual musical performance to entertain the children.

In addition, the PE department organised the Lower Primary Games specially for Primary 1 and 2. The students challenged themselves in a safe and controlled ‘carnival’ environment. Safety measures were put in place to ensure a memorable event. It was heartening to see our students enjoying themselves thoroughly!

Our P2 students shared their thoughts of this year’s Children’s Day.

” I was on cloud nine when I won the colouring competition.”– Yu Han P2.8

“I liked the musical performance put up by the Art and Music teachers the best during the E-concert. The songs were nice and cool! “ – Evan P2.4

” I felt happy because the teachers put in a lot of hard work for us to have fun.” – Hadi P2.1

“It was the best Children’s Day celebration ever. I hope the celebration next year would be as great as this year’s.” – Jia Hui P2.4

“I like the E-concert the most because Mr Yung is funny. He showed off his ‘muscles’.” – Le Xuan P2.1


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