KCS Celebrates National Day 2022

KCS celebrated National Day 2022 on 8 August this year. The theme for NDP 2022 is ‘Stronger Together, Majulah!’. It is a rallying call for Singaporeans to unite for a better future. This year’s NDP is about bringing together communities, families, and friends to build a stronger Singapore – celebrating unity in diversity. This is important especially when we are bouncing back from the last two years of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our annual Observance Ceremony in the parade square, was led by our prefects and student representatives from Cub Scouts, Girls’ Brigade and Red Cross Link. The morning started with a classroom activity – students wrote one action they would pledge to do for a more caring and inclusive society. This was followed by a concert which highlighted the different aspects of Singapore, from past to present, and the future. The concert comprised various segments which showcased love and belonging to Singapore, our home. The Music Department hyped up the celebrations by leading the school in the mass-singing segment. The concert ended on a high note with the resounding and melodious voices of KCSians reciting the national pledge in gusto and singing along to our beloved national songs.

Happy 57th birthday, Singapore!