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National Shutterbugs Competition

 On 20 November, two groups of our Media Club students took part in the 6th National Young Shutterbugs - Landscapes of Our Time. Both groups did our school proud with Gabriel Yap Min Ying and Chua Jia Yang clinching the First Prize for Arrangement Snapshot and Bryan Eng Jing Kang and Tong Kei Weng achieving the Special Mention Award. Congratulations to the winners! 

Chinese Picture Book Competition.jpg

3rd National Primary School Chinese Picture Book Competition

3 groups of our P4 students participated in the 3rd National Primary School Chinese Picture Book Competition. The group consisting of Glenda Lim Yu Xuan, Ong Fang Wen, Lu Xing Lin, Lu Xing Cheng and Kevin Le from Primary 4.3 did our school proud by garnering the honourable mention award with their creation of a 24-page  胆小鬼, written and illustrated by them. Congratulations to the awardees!

Sustained Lotus Achievement Award.jpg
Lotus Sustained Achievement Award

Our school has once again achieved the Lotus Sustained Achievement Award 2017. Our staff and students have and will always be involved in environmental activities both in school and the community. We believe that with the little effort we put in, we can make a difference


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Making Our Dreams A Reality

Kheng Cheng School’s Prize giving day was celebrated on the theme ‘Making Our Dreams a Reality’ which took place in the school hall on Friday, 16 November. As we recognised the well-deserving students for their excellent performance, we also congratulated both staff and parents who had walked the journey together to support them in their various fields of endeavours.  

DiScivery Day 2018

KCS held her 4th DiScivery Day on the 12 and 13 November. This year, the Science Department collaborated with NJC, the Innovation Department, the ICT Department and the PSG in an interactive Science fair.
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Music Day 2018

On 8 October, the students assembled in the hall for the annual Music Day Concert. Level by level, groups of students went on stage to showcase things they learnt during music lessons over the year. In addition, we had some solo acts including rapper Logan Koh (5.6), Instrumental Music Competition winner Grace Chua (3.6) on the keyboard and a teacher performance with special guests: Miss Li Huiyuan and Miss Jane Chua who provided an exciting live Art painting act. Teachers and students alike enjoyed the concert. A round of applause to all who supported the students in their music endeavours.


FSC Science Enrichment at SSC.jpg

Science Enrichment at the Singapore Science Centre

On 21 September, 21 students from P5.1 and P5.2C attended a jam making session at the Singapore Science Centre. During this learning journey, students got to observe the  different parts of a flower and classify fruits into different groups. Next, the students got their hands dirty squashing, mixing and cooking their strawberry jam. Everyone enjoyed the jam making session. 

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English Week 2018

English week 2018 was carried out successfully in Term 3 to the theme of English Attack. Students were immersed in the English language with fun filled activities throughout the week.

Beijing Immersion Trip 2018

34 of our P5 students embarked on the China Immersion Programme to Beijing from 27 May to 2 June. This trip provided  the P5 students with learning opportunities to better understand and appreciate the Chinese culture, arts and history.


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Be the Change: Encourage and Be Encouraged

We celebrate the close of another academic year, and believe that the legacy of a child mimics the stars in our galaxy – some shining bright, some starting to glow, others yet to show. All our stars will no doubt emanate their brilliance, throughout time and space. We believe that every child, will succeed regardless of the paths they take. Thank you for the partnership in being the guideposts and cheerleaders for our children to discover the light within!
LEAP Award

A recognition of a teacher's work and effort of the positive impact of nurturing their students.

LEAP Award

A recognition of a teacher's work and effort of the positive impact of nurturing their students.