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Malay Essay Writing Competition

On 2 August 2017, our Malay students participated in a National Level Essay Writing Contest organized by EDN Media Pte Ltd. The aim of this contest is to instill the love for writing as well as to induce their creativity in the form of writing.

The bronze awardees are Aqil Lutfi  (P3.5), Ibraheem (P3.5), Nur Sarah (P4.3), Nur Eva Aaliyah ( P4.5), Hany Sabryna (P4.1), Wirdatul Marsya (P5.2C), Nurin Zahirah (P5.3), Marsha Ellyana (P5.1), Gratio ( P6.5) and Syed Aezri (P 6.3).   Nur Alisa (P6.5) received the silver award whereas Nurul Iman(P4.4) and Syakirah (P5.5) received the gold award. We are also proud to announce that Nurul Iman (P4.4) clinched 29th position (out of the 350 nation-wide entries) for overall best essay! Congratulations Nurul Iman and the winners!

Malay Essay Writing.png