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National Photofest 2016

Photofest 1.jpg

From left to Right: Cheryl Ong (P4.3), Tay Mian Yao (P4.6), Koh Yong Xuan (P5.4) and 
Christopher Huang Wei Jie (P5.4) 

Photofest 2.jpg

On 30 July, Cheryl Ong (P4.3), Tay Mian Yao (P4.6), Koh Yong Xuan (P5.4) and Christopher Huang Wei Jie (P5.4) from Media Club participated in the National Photofest 2016, through which students are able to learn, apply and inspire others in the Art of Photography and inculcate a sense of appreciation for the community and environment.  

These 4 students represented our school to participate in this event, and they were awarded for Group Special Mention Award.

Congratulations to our 4 KCS representatives!