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Chinese New Year Celebration 2018

Our Mother Tongue department organised the annual CNY celebrations on the 15 February 2018 with loads of fun! The classrooms were decorated with handmade lanterns and banners by the students. Staff and students were engaged in activities in the classrooms and hall. 

Fun in Classrooms

The first part of the celebrations comprised classroom activities where P1 – P5 students were introduced to various traditional customs of the CNY. P6 students were introduced to the different CNY celebrations in China, Korea and Vietnam. All students were also engaged in making their personalised Chinese Rattle Drums which are known as “Bo lang gu” in Chinese.

Celebrations in the Hall

The second part of the CNY celebrations was a concert that showcased the various talents of our students. The enchanting music from Chinese Orchestra and Angklung serenaded the audience and our dancers excited the audience with their energetic dance steps.  A mass game “Chuan Chuan Le” was played by all our students in the hall. They used their rattle drums to pass sweets from one person to another. The spirit of teamwork was observed amongst our students. The concert ended on a high note with video greetings from the school leaders and teachers. Our choir led the school with CNY songs in a grand finale.