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CNY 2017

KCS Welcomes the Year of the Rooster

The school celebrated Chinese New Year (CNY) on Friday, 27 January. We kicked off the celebrations with activities such as colouring of a little rooster, tying Chinese knots and paper cutting in class. All students also received a red packet each from their teachers.   The celebrations continued in the hall with an opening piece from our Chinese Orchestra. An inter-class competition was also conducted to liven up the CNY mood. Performances put up by the members of the Angklung, Dance Ensemble and Lion Dance Troupe also helped to add to the festive atmosphere. The Choir led all students, staff, PSG and alumni in the singing of familiar CNY songs to end the concert on a high note!   May good health, joy and prosperity be with you throughout the year!  

 神猴辞岁,金凤迎春。伴随着新学年的新期望,2017年农历新年欣然而至。我校师生于1月27日在一片欢歌笑语中热热闹闹地共同欢庆迎接新年的来临。 今年的庆祝活动可谓丰富多彩、寓教于乐。首先每个班在班级进行了两个小时的富含文化色彩的新春庆祝活动。接着,全校师生齐聚礼堂举行了一场节目同欢共乐的庆祝会。学校的华乐团、马来乐团、合唱团、舞蹈团和舞狮团纷纷献艺,为我们呈献了一场缤纷多彩的艺术盛宴,从音乐、舞蹈不同的视角为我们献上了新年的祝福。 除此之外,在庆祝节目之间穿插的以班级为单位的用贴纸贴出新春吉祥汉字的竞赛,让同学们在欢乐之中体现了团队合作精神。 金鸡报喜,春回大地。祝愿全校师生在新的一年里身体健康,万事如意。祝愿同学们学业进步,在新的一年里更上一层楼!