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NE Show 2018

Since 1997, NE shows have served as a key signature event for all P5 students and aim to: 

  • Provide a unifying experience amongst each cohort of students on what it means to be a Singaporean and evoke in them a sense of pride and patriotism; 
  • Develop in students a sense of commitment towards the nation and the community; and
  • Provide learning opportunities for students to understand the significance of our National Day.

The theme for the National Day Parade (NDP) 2018 is “We Are Singapore. This year we celebrate our people, our nation and our home. It reminds us that we will collectively shape and be responsible for Singapore’s future.

Our Primary 5 students and teachers enjoyed ourselves at the NE Show on 21 July 2018 at The Float @ Marina Bay. Everyone was entertained by the different acts. It was a great bonding session for all of us.