KCS Donation Card Drive

To help us achieve our goal in making a positive and long lasting impact on the lives of our next generation, every student will be given a serialised donation card, playing his/her part to help the school raise funds to build for the future.

KCS Donation Card Drive.png

Rules and Instructions for Collection

1. Donations can only be collected from family, friends and relatives. As this Donation Card Drive is NOT a public fund raising event, students are NOT allowed to solicit funds from strangers, stand at street corners, shopping centres, or go from door-to-door. 

2. When a donation is collected via the donation card, the donor should sign off on the box/cloud representing the exact value donated in the card.  

3. NO CANCELLATION or USE OF CORRECTION TAPE/FLUID is allowed on the donation card.  

4. Any loss of cards must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the neighbourhood police post and the Form/Co-form Teachers. The police report must be made by the parents/guardian and this report is to be submitted to the Form/Co-Form Teachers with all the monies collected. 

5. Donation card and monies MUST be submitted to the Form/Co-Form Teachers on the respective collection dates:

First collection date

Mon, 23 January 2017

Second collection date

Mon, 6 February 2017

Final collection date

Mon, 20 February 2017

6. On collection days, students will report to their respective classrooms in the morning by 7.15 a.m. This will allow time for students to submit their collection to their Form/Co-Form Teachers before the start of lessons. Morning assembly will also be conducted in the classrooms. 

7. Large donations of more than $100 are eligible for Tax Deduction. They can be made by cash or cheque (payable to ‘Kheng Cheng School’). Should your donor require a Tax Deduction Receipt (TDR), please provide the following details on a slip of paper and return it together with the donation card and we will issue a TDR through your child/ward.   

Details required for Tax Deduction

Donor’s Name (as in NRIC) / Company’s Registered Name:

Donor’s NRIC / Company’s Registration Number: