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SYF Art Exhibition 2017

 The Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition 2017  
This year’s exhibition featured the theme of Artist and Space, and it was held at *SCAPE, The Ground Theatre, from 6 – 16 July. Kheng Cheng School had sent in 3 teams of artists, and among the submissions, our category C submission, from our P5 and P6 artists, titled Space Team, was selected to be exhibited. 
 Artists' statement: 
" We came together with practically no form or ideas but when we were given time and space to probe deeper using the routine of 'See-Think-Wonder', our ideas took form, started to flow and materialised. Our thoughts became colourful images of shapes and mythical creatures. We were given the space to dream, invent and create." 
syf arts_1.jpgCategory C  
 Space Team   
 Mixed Medium 100cm x 100cm    
 Done by:          
Kaylee Toni Woo (P6),           Lindy Tan Lin Xuan (P6), Domingo Aeron Gabriel De Silva (P6),
Boo Shi En (P6),
Boo Yi Herng, Trixie (P6),    Son Yelin (P6), Son Yejin (P6), Loong Yan Q i(P6),
Valerie Foo Jing Xuan (P6), Glenn Tan Ke Lun (P5)                     

syf arts_2.jpg
Category B:  
Spacious, No Strings Attached   Mixed Medium 100cm x 100cm  

Done by: 
Chloe Gracie Tan Li Yin (P4)
Chen Yong Qi Pamela (P4) 
Eva Nadira Binti Mohd Yamli (P4)
Is'na Qislaila Binte Muhammad Iskandar (P4) 
Fina Cahaya Kharisma Binte Mohamed Rasied (P4) 
Samantha Lam Zi Xin (P4)                                            
 Artists’ statement:   “We had fun when we used the strings for art. It was not an easy journey, but we chatted and shaped the dolls to represent ourselves. Many times, we failed to get the shape right but we did not give up. We also had drawings in the background, within the square frame but we can also think out of the box.”

Category A   Space to Grow    
 Crepe paper 90cm x 90cm, 30cm x 30cm    
 Done by: 
Cheryl Loh Kai Li (P2) 
Lee Jia Min (P2)
Loh Le En, Brencis (P2)
Lydia Binte Mohammed Zul (P2)
Phoebe Wong (P2) 
Wirdatul Humaira Binte Mohammad (P2)
Artists’ statement:   “Our picture shows an outburst of colours depicting how we feel about school life. The crepe paper that we have used covers the spaces. It shows our journey from the time we entered school to where we are now.” 

Kudos to our artists for their  months of dedication!