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Health Fair @ KCS

Our Health Fair this year took place on 30 August 2016. We had programmes for the students throughout the day for the various levels. The Health Promotion Board (HPB) presented two skits – ‘Star Factor - Mental Wellness’ for the lower primary students and ‘Smoking Cessation’ for the upper primary students. Primary 1 and 2 students were encouraged to bring healthy snack for recess. The Primary 3 students a fun time doing kickboxing. One of the students even said, “My mum wants to lose weight. I think I will teach her how to kickbox.” He sure is a fast learner! The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) taught the Primary 4 and 5 students about the importance of their kidneys and the need to start living a healthier lifestyle. 

To end the day on a healthy note, all staff and students were each given an apple to enjoy! As we always say, “A healthy mind and a healthy body makes up a happy person!”