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Mother Tongue Language Fortnight 2018

The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight was carried out from 19 to 29 March 2018.This programme encourages our students to appreciate the heritage, culture and experience their Mother Tongue Language (MTL) as ‘living languages’. A variety of activities were organised to expose our students to the rich culture of Chinese and Malay communities. 

Our students took part in traditional art forms, such as Chinese Painting, the making of the Rod Puppets, Traditional Clay Moulding, and Bamboo Slips during their Chinese lessons. These hands-on activities provided them with the opportunity to appreciate the Chinese culture and traditional Chinese arts. During recess, all students took part in various activities such as Diabolo, Chinese Language Games, Chinese Tea Appreciation, the making of Glutinous Rice Dumpling, Glutinous Rice Balls and Snow Skin Mooncakes. A Chinese Book Fair was also organised at the same time to encourage our students to read more Chinese books. 

Our Malay students were exposed to Visual and Performing Arts such as Silat, Boria, Dikir Barat and Malay Traditional Dance, to appreciate their Malay culture. They underwent trainings and learnt how to execute performances. During recess, the students joined their Malay teachers in an activity that requires them to write in Jawi. 

The MTL Fortnight was indeed an enriching experience for all our students.