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Open House 2019

Click for Open House details.

Parent-Teacher Meeting 2019

We have scheduled a Parent-Teacher Meeting on Fri, 31 May to keep you informed of your child's learning progress.

May 2019 Memo

We believe that our students succeed when school and parents work hand in hand to support students in learning self-management skills, taking responsibility and building resilience. Read more here.

Resources of Parents Symposium 2019

Resources of Parents Symposium 2019

April 2019 Memo

Courage to Stand, the school’s value for Term 2, means we do the right thing, we dare to try and we finish the race strong.

Parents Symposium 2019

Parents Symposium 2019 Registration.

Thank you for your response but please note that the registration for P1 and P2 is closed as all vacancies have been filled up.

Parents Gateway

Parents Gateway is a new digital platform developed by Ministry of Education(MOE) and GovTech to bring convenience to parents to perform simple administrative transactions and to stay updated on schools' programmes and activities.

Primary 2 Assessment Framework

Primary 2 Assessment Framework. Click for more information

Primary 1 Assessment Framework

Primary 1 Assessment Framework. Click for more information

Feb 19 Memo: All in Good Time

As we journey into 2019, let us encourage our students to make a difference, beyond themselves. Read more here.

Beyond Exam Results - Changes in P1 & P2 Assessments

Last year, MOE announced that schools will reduce the number of school-based assessments to reduce the over emphasis on academic results. For P1 and P2, all examinations and weighted assessments would be removed. Read more here.

Jan 19 Memo: Ready, Set, Go!

We start off 2019 with a warm welcome to our new Vice Principal, Mr Khoo Ghee Han! We look forward to a new year of learning and growing together as a team.

Parents' Briefing 2019

Thank you for attending PB 2019 on Sat, 26 Jan 2019. Click here for the slides shared on that day.

Primary 1 Orientation

The slides of the Primary 1 Orientation

The Leading Foundation Teacher Award 2018

The Leading Foundation Teacher Award 2018 Winner - Mdm Chang Siew Chian

Award for Teachers 2019

Nominate Teachers for the various Teachers 2019. Refer to the posters for details